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Sarah Teske

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Eliot, York County, Maine. Behavioral Analyst with one-of-a-kind behavior. After making a series of false victimhood allegations in custody battle, divorcee Sarah Teske went on the run with kids but she was finally apprehended across the border in Quebec just a day before her own birthday.

Between 2017 and 2019, during a divorce dispute and child custody battle, Sarah Teske (AKA Sarah M Chagnon) played victim and made a series of false allegations including domestic violence and sex abuse, all unfounded, according to the outcome of the investigation on each case. However, through the false reports, Sarah Teske filed for three emergency Protection Orders against her husband, each of which would have come with taxpayer-funded benefits. Fortunately, the courts reportedly denied all three requests.

When she realized her mendacious tactics would not cut it for her in custody battle, and beyond that, she was highly likely to face criminal charges for falsely reporting crimes, Sarah Teske decided to simply vanish with the two kids aged 7 and 4. According to a PressHerald report, Sarah Teske allegedly withdrew $11,000 from shared accounts and pulled her sons from school before disappearing.

November 15, 2019. Citing Sarah Teske's false allegations, deceptions and defiance of court authority, a judge granted full custody of the kids to dad, leaving Sarah with only the option of supervised visits. But by this time, it appears Sarah had already left the U.S. with the kids.

December 08, 2019. Quebec, Canada. With the help of a suspecting potential employer who contacted police after the fictim applied for a job in his Christmas Tree Shop, 38-year-old Sarah Teske was finally detained by Canadian police after 38 days on the run and just one day before her 39th birthday. She is currently being processed for repatriation.

Back in the U.S., Sarah Teske faces two felony counts of criminal restraint by a parent, each punishable by up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine, according to a report by PressHerald.

It might interest you to know that Sarah Teske is listed on HealthProvidersData as a certified Behavior Analyst. So, how would her own behaviour be analyzed in this context? Watch this space

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