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Yuridia Hernandez Linares

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Added: Nov 15, 2019  

Eden Prairie, Hennepin County, Minnesota. What's worse than a fictim? that should be a certified fictim who trains others on how to plot fake victimhood for personal gains. Ladies and Gentlemen, met the fictimhood coach herself who knows just how it works to exploit the system for U Visas through our pro-victimhood culture. However, her trainees learned a little too much and used it against her as "victims of fraud" when police uncovered the fakery, Karma on steroids.

March 2016. After the successful approval of her U Visa application which she obtained through fake assault victimhood orchestrated along with a friend back in 2015, Yuridia Hernandez Linares decided to make a career out of her proven fictimhood talent. She had since assisted others to be fake robbery and assault victims for the same special U visa type which was intended to shield victims and witnesses of crime, especially women, from deportation. However, a recent wave of similarly reported crimes raised red flags and caused police to look a little closer.

August 20, 2019. A male and female fictim reported to police that two men approached them from behind and brandished a knife, attacked and robbed them while they were on a trail near Bay Point Lake Apartments. The male fictim claimed that his wallet was stolen in the attack while the female fictim claimed her purse was gone. Both fictims had injuries consistent with a knife attack.

August 30, 2019. Just 10 days apart, two female fictims reported that while on their way from visiting Yuridia, who was not home at that time, two men attacked them nearby McDonald’s and they both sustained knife injuries in the scuffle.

Investigation reveals that Yuridia had used a "sharp object" to cut the 4 fictims to corroborate their fake robbery stories before they filed the false police reports, according to court documents. Investigators noticed the shallow cuts were consistent with each other and also consistent with Yuridia's own assault victimhood from 2015. Besides, all of the fake victims were in communication with Yuridia before and after the fake incidents.

The four fictims told police they paid Yuridia Linares a total of $5,000 to mastermind the fake incidents and also worked with her in filing of false police reports. The fictims co-operated with the investigation and blamed all the fake incidents on Yuridia Linares, telling police they accepted to be part of the plot because they were scared of her and ICE. Yuridia's fake victims also claimed she told them that if they told anyone, they would all go to jail. Well played.

November 15, 2019. 36-year-old Yuridia Hernandez Linares was arrested and charged with Theft by swindle. Her U-Visa will likely be canceled while those of her fictimhood trainees who police now claim to be her fraud victims will be allowed. Sounds like Karma found its perfect match.

We had obtained a video here of similar fake robbery and sexual assault which were staged for the same U-Visa application in Washington. It is unclear if that incident is related to this one. So much for our pro-victimhood culture

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