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Merrimack, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. Empowered dyke material previously arrested for making False Domestic Abuse Report and starting fire alarms, calls 911 again multiple times and falsely reports that a man is trying to break in her home. When policeMEN arrive to help her, she refuses to co-operate, fights and spits on them. Earlier this year we had a Spitting racist here. This time, we have a Spitting Man-hater and fake victim who got arrested twice within 24 hours. You'd not be alone if you wondered why they keep releasing her from jail.

December 20, 2019. Night. While everyone else was looking forward to a wonderful Christmas Holiday, Karen A Fiasconaro (AKA Karen O Fiasconaro, AKA Karyn Fiasconaro) was busy man-hating all over the place. It all started via an argument with a man she's prohibited by law from having contact with. Karen reportedly upgraded the incident to an altercation and soon unleashed great fury against the man who fled for his life. While he tried to leave, Karen jumped in the car and even activated the fire alarm disturbing everyone else in the neighborhood.

When police intervened, Karen Fiasconaro made a false domestic violence report against the man, claiming he attacked her. But with clear evidence that Karen was the aggressor, she was taken into custody for breaching her previous bail conditions and making false alarms, booked and released on PR bond with new conditions largely about keeping the peace. Talk to Karen's hand.

December 21, 2019. Noon. Not even up to 24 hours after the incident, Karen Fiasconaro called 911 multiple times claiming that a man was trying to break in her home. When officers arrived, she refused to allow the policemen access to her home. In fact, she rather showered the officers with vituperation.

Officers soon realized they just responded to yet another 'fictimhood' and tried to arrest her for the false reporting. But Karen would not only resist arrest, but she also kicked 2 officers and spat on the other, right in the face. If that was an African American man acting half as savagely during an arrest, you bet they most likely would have tased/shot him dead, "by accident", of course. But this is Karen so police had to put up with her VAWA + White Woman Privilege.

Eventually, 40-year-old Karen A. Fiasconaro was once again arrested. This time she was held on preventative detention on charges of false public alarm, resisting arrest, three counts of assault on a police officer and breach of bail, according to the arrest affidavit. She is expected to be arraigned in the 9th Circuit Court in Merrimack.

We all know how VAWA and EVAWI get a lot of your tax money for the course designed to convince you that aggressive women like Karen Fiasconaro are victims. So, how exactly does VAWA serve Karen Fiasconaro? Except we have to call it the "Violent Aggressive Women Act". Hold that thought

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