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Mariposa County, California. Conning the system by fictimhood, or fake victimhood supported by crooked authorities to swindle a man out of his own property. Whichever perspective fits, Ashley Harris obtained fake rape victim benefits while the falsely accused man lost everything to an apparently flawed justice system and allegedly corrupt County Officials.

November 13, 2015. After having spent three fun days on a man's ranch, Ashley Harris (AKA Ashley K. Harris, AKA Ashley Krystal Harris) and her "friend" were reportedly asked by the property owner to leave the cabin so he could clean up the place for expected visitors. Unhappy with the treatment, Ashley and the "friend" decided to go grab a few drinks in a restaurant before going to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Office where Ashley reported that she had been kidnapped, held against her will, sodomized and repeatedly raped for three days by the ranch owner.

She claimed she had met the ranch owner on a Farmers' Dating Website three weeks earlier and was invited to the ranch. But when she visited, she alleged, she was held in a cabin and forcefully raped until she managed to escape on the third day. Ashley Harris had some made-up bruises on her face to show for it. Rather than take her to a hospital for treatment and rape kit, Ashley K. Harris and her allegations were transferred to the Mariposa County Sheriff's Office. Perhaps the CHP smelled falsehood from the onset? The answer to this is politically incorrect.

Following the report, though, the accused ranch owner was arrested and charged with 15 felonies that would have potentially gotten him a life sentence 3 times over, if convicted. His bond was set at a whopping $500,000, a warrant was issued for his ranch which was searched while he was detained. After spending almost a month behind bars, he was able to pay the required 10% through bondsman agency allegedly owned by one of Mariposa County's officials. By the time he was released on bail, his dogs on his property were shot dead by the authorities, with an excuse that they were "chasing horses."

Meanwhile, an investigation into the rape allegations proved the incident was more unlikely than not. Beyond that, some other dirt was uncovered on the rape liar herself, Ashley Harris.

1. Prior to visiting the ranch, Ashley Harris sent a sexualized photo of herself in a bikini, objectifying herself and offering her backside and suggesting her horniness for whatever it was worth to the male ranch owner. That clearly shows she went to the ranch with sexual intentions. As a policy, we choose to not display Ashley's porn-like photo on our website.

2. Ashley Harris reported that she met the man for the first time on November 11th, 2015, the day she claimed to have been falsely imprisoned by him. However, when a CHP trooper reviewed her phone, he discovered evidence that Ashley Harris had known the accused man for about six weeks and met him more than once.

3. Ashley Harris had reported that while in the ranch, her cellphone had no signal reception hence she was unable to call for help. However, what was discovered on her phone refuted that claim: Over a hundred text messages received and sent by her during that time, some in romantic tones, some of which asked the accused ranch owner when he's coming back home. A person held against her will would not send such messages, let alone in lieu of rather expressing distress and calling others for help.

In fact, Ashley Harris called other people through her cellphone during the time she claimed to have been held captive, including her mom, and a friend with whom she spent 24 minutes on the phone without mentioning anything about her alleged ongoing victimization by the ranch owner.

4. Ashley Harris also claimed that besides the absence of a signal on her phone, she had no access to any other phone to call out, when, in fact, there was a landline wall phone hanging in the cabin the whole time and working just fine.

5. Other people living in other rooms in the wooden cabin heard and/or witnessed nothing that corroborates Ashley Harris's victimhood claims. In fact, another female who slept right below the room where the fictim claims to have been raped said she herself is a rape survivor and if Ashley would have shown the slightest sign of distress let alone scream, she could have gotten help immediately. But there was no distress of any sort.

6. The bruises on Ashley Harris's face which she showed as evidence of abuse was cosmetic makeup. What a joke. Even her female accomplice was played on this one but later testified in court.

7. Ashley Harris lied multiple times during the investigation and even in her court testimonies. She changed her story multiple times. It was also discovered she made contradictory sworn statements on another/unrelated case of worker's compensation in which she denied ever having been sexually assaulted, despite having made rape allegations against the ranch owner. Besides, Ashley Harris is alleged to be involved in multiple other cases in which she falsely claims to be the victim.

8. The cabin in which Ashley Harris claimed to have been held against her will is a top deck with no walls and no door. That means she was free to leave at any time.

However, these exculpatory shreds of evidence were completely ignored by the Mariposa County Prosecutor. He also ignored the advice of the District Attorneys who reviewed and denounced the case against the innocent man. He proceeded with the case anyway, dragging it for over a year, based on the fictim's (false victim's) proven lies. Ladies and Gentlemen we're dealing with a seasoned fibster assisted by a feminism-invigorated injustice system along with opportunistic and corrupt officials. And it gets more interesting...

July 17, 2017. ... the accused man's 437-acre ranch was placed under receivership for minor/insignificant maintenance issues which the authorities called "code violations". That means his newfound freedom on bail would only allow him to grab a few most important handy things from his own home and then look for a street corner to join the homeless, while the authorities guarding his home would live comfortably in the "health code violation" cabin with their kids. Not only that, the California Receivership Group (CRG) would not only determine, at their own discretion, the cost of maintenance and submit bills to the court, but also the cost of arm-guarding the ranch, all to be eventually factored in the value of the property.

August 14, 2017. After almost two years of the falsely accused ranch owner surviving a month in jail, almost a million dollars in cost of legal fees and related expenses, hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue from his business while in jail, extensively tarnished reputation as an accused and investigated rapist, as well as homelessness due to eviction from his own property; the rape charges against him were eventually dropped by the Mariposa County District Attorney, due to Ashley Harris's aggravated perjury and total lack of credibility. If you still wonder what took them so long, then you might want to read NCFM's investigation report here.

September 18, 2018. The falsely accused ranch owner had enough and filed a lawsuit against Ashley Harris, and several named Mariposa County officials for Malicious Prosecution. However, since Ashley Harris was out of contact, it took the work of a private investigator to find and finally serve her with the court papers on October 20, 2018. In retaliation, however, fictim Ashley K. Harris filed for a Restraining Order against the falsely accused ranch owner, citing that she had been stalked and harassed by him.

July 26, 2019. After a full day trial, Ashley Harris's restraining order was not only denied but she was deemed by a judge as not credible, in reference to her fake rape case. "I have heard cases from counsel that these cases have to stop, and these false allegations are happening," said the presiding judge. "Ms. Harris lacked credibility." "Her testimony just could not hold water." "Any reasonably person could not conclude that her story was straight." "There were many contradictions in her spoken testimony here in court today and documented testimony under penalty of perjury when she was being deposed." "She was an evasive witness." "She would not answer questions directly." "She did not appear to be a witness who was willing to exchange truthful information." "Her story does not match up," the judge added. See the court document here, one small victory for the falsely accused male but by no means sufficient.

June 04, 2020. A female judge ruled that Ashley Harris pay just $2,000 in attorney fees to the falsely accused man, which is the estimated minimum in attorney fees and only a small fraction of what he has lost fighting for his innocence. However, the moral victory would have been significant in this case, except, the false accuser herself would not let that happen.

Attorney of Ashley Harris files a petition in the California Superior Court objecting the judge's decision that she pay the falsely accused man $2,000. Even though she was required to pay only $100 per month until the amount was reached, Ashley Harris cites her financial disabilities as compared to the falsely accused man, as the reasoning behind her objection.

June 25, 2020. Once again, Ashley Harris's stubbornness is met with the court's unwillingness to be manipulated by her. "All objections are overruled and request for a different order is denied," according to the court document here.

July 11, 2020. As justice began to head in the right direction for the falsely accused man, the saddest thing happens. His attorney from the National Coalition for Men (NCFM) was reportedly gunned down in front of his Cedarpines Park home in Twin Peaks. San Bernardino County Homicide Detectives say they are investigating the murder of the 52-year-old who represented the falsely accused man to cross-examine fictim Ashley K. Harris in court here and score a number of legal victories for him. It is unclear who and what is behind the assassination. However, given the alleged extent of corruption among Cali County officials, it is not far-fetched to suspect the hit was related to his legal work.

The Attorney's death may deal a blow to the case but does not mark the end of it. The falsely accused ranch owner is still in the fight for his property against allegedly corrupt county officials. We stumbled upon a GoFundMe page here for anyone who cares to support this one man who has taken a stand against corruption. If you care for justice, slam/shame this fictim on this page so we can send a letter to the Mariposa County Prosecutor to do the right thing and charge 34-year-old Ashley K. Harris with Filing a False Police Report and Perjury.

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