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Brittany Neshay Garrett

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Added: Nov 4, 2019  

Killeen, Bell County, Texas. A phoney traffic stop by male cop impersonators. The real cops investigated the story which came straight from the fakery, credited to Brittany Garrett, but not as impressive as the other one here. Take away: fictims are running out of excuses for being late.

October 26, 2019. fictim Brittany Neshay Garrett reported to the Killeen Police Department (KPD) that she had been pulled over by a Ford Crown Victoria with flashing red and blue lights occupied by two males in police uniforms. She further alleged they physically searched her and then left.

As incidents involving fake cops are of utmost importance to KPD, they launched an immediate investigation into the incident with joint efforts by Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Division, General Crimes Unit and even the Violent Crimes Unit. However, investigation revealed the report was a hoax.

November 04, 2019. The Justice of the Peace issued a warrant for 29-year-old Brittany Neshay Garrett for False Report to a Police Officer. She was arrested and booked into the Killeen City Jail.

Her motive for the false reporting was not reported, but from what we saw here and in other cases, we can safely speculate that it has something to do with being late. Watch this space

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