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Nikki Yovino

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Updated: Oct 28, 2018  

Bridgeport, Connecticut. Attention-seeking wench Nikki Yovino decided to withdraw sex consent retrospectively and cry rape against two football players at Sacred Heart University where she also studied, in order to get the attention and sympathy of another man.

October 15, 2016. Dispatched officers arrived St. Vincent’s Medical Center to investigate a sexual assault complaint. Nikki Yovino, the fictim, told them she had attended a Sacred Heart football club house party the previous night. During the party, she alleged that two men dragged her into a bathroom in the basement of the house. Nikki claimed that despite refusing the men by saying: “I don’t want to be in here, I don’t want to do anything. My friends are waiting for me outside, let me go outside,” The two men still held her down and took turns to sexually assaulting her.

Though the two accused men maintained that the sex with Nikki Yovino was consensual, they still had their scholarships revoked, they had to leave college and be forever faced with societal stigma; because of Nikki's claims.

However, three months into the investigation, a detective interviewed Nikki Yovino again at her home, hinting her on investigation findings proving that her story doesn't add up. This time, “She admitted that she made up the allegation of sexual assault against [the football players] because it was the first thing that came to mind,” the arrest warrant affidavit read, adding that: “She stated that she believed when [the other male student] heard the allegation it would make him angry and sympathetic to her,” according to the CT Post.

Five months into her initial rape claim, Nikki Yovino herself was charged by Bridgeport police for falsely reporting an incident and interfering with police. In her pretrial hearing, even though she had confessed to an investigator that she lied, even though all obtained pieces of evidence and witness statements refuted her rape claims, Nikki Yovino strongly denied that she lied and once again clung on to her false rape victimhood.

June 03, 2018. fibster Nikki Yovino finally admitted in court that she had been lying the whole time to get sympathy from another man she considered to be a prospective boyfriend. She had worried that her consensual encounter with the two players would damage her relationship with the prospective lover. This is the same confession she made to an investigator, 3 months into her initial rape claim. Nikki through her attorney has also reportedly accepted a plea deal and is now expected to serve a reduced sentence of one year instead of six.

August 23, 2018. 20-year-old Nikki Yovino, of South Setauket, pleaded guilty to making up the allegations and was sentenced to three years in prison. She is expected to serve only one year, with the other two years suspended as part of the plea agreement. You can bet all your savings that one year will go down to 6 months, courtesy of pussy-pass.

--- Update ---

October 28, 2018. The two former Sacred Heart University football players whom Nikki Yovino falsely accused are suing her and the school. Of course, considering how much time, money and reputation they can never recover, they deserve to sue her for every penny.

This is our anti-due process west today. Before anything could be verified, the accused men had their lives and reputations shattered and if they were found guilty, each of them would have likely spent a minimum of ten years in prison. They would not be afforded a plea deal the way Nikki was. The effects of cultural gynocentrism on our legal system needs to be seriously reviewed and reformed. Watch this space

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