Nikki Yovino

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Bridgeport, Connecticut. Attention-seeking wench Nikki Yovino decided to withdraw sex consent retrospectively and cry rape against two football players, in order to get the attention and sympathy of another man.

February 2017; After five months of investigating a false rape claim reported by Nikki Yovino, she herself was charged by Bridgeport police for falsely reporting an incident and interfering with police. However having maintained for over a year that she was indeed raped by two football players at Sacred Heart University where she also studied, she finally admitted in court on June 3, 2018 that she had been lying the whole time to get sympathy from another man she considered to be a prospective boyfriend. She has also reportedly accepted a plea deal, and is now expected to serve a reduced sentence of one year instead of six.

Nikki who at the time of her claims was 19, had consensual sex with two college football players but later decided to withdraw consent retrospectively and call it a rape. The two men maintained the sex was consensual but still had their scholarships revoked, had to leave college and be forever faced with societal stigma; because of Nikki's claims. They had their lives and reputations shattered. If they were found guilty, each of them would have likely spent a minimum of ten years in prison. They would not be afforded a plea deal the way Nikki was.

The effects of cultural gynocentrism on our legal system needs to be seriously reviewed and reformed.
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Public Reasons for Shaming

i do not understand how do they become man haters at such a young age? when I was 19 the world to me was like a glamorous butterfly. maybe i was silly!!

by Grace Zhang China
7 Months ago

rape has been redefined to discourage heterosexuality. Regretting sex does not make it rape

by Latoya Thea United States
7 Months ago