Maria Liduvina Reyes

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Palm Bay, Florida. Fictim Maria Liduvina Reyes falsely accused a sergeant of sexual battery, because she was not happy about being arrested for trespassing.

March, 2018. Lying hag Maria Liduvina Reyes resorted to fictimhood and filed a complaint that she was sexually battered by an allegedly abusive Melbourne Police Department sergeant during her initial arrest on February 04, 2018. At that time she was arrested on Florida statue 810.09.2a for Trespassing, and her bond was set at $500.

Following her report in March, Brevard County officers launched an investigation into the alleged incident and unveiled that Maria had made false and contradictory statements about the night she was arrested. The investigation team also determined Maria was not alone with the sergeant during the time of the alleged sexual battery, unlike she claimed in her complaint.

September 07, 2018. 44 Year-old Maria Liduvina Reyes is booked in Brevard County Jail, charged with falsely accusing a law enforcement officer and giving false reports to law enforcement. Her bond is set at $2,500

Sometimes fictimhood backfires. We saw here a similar situation where a woman decided to use her pussy-privilege to get revenge against a law enforcement officer for simply doing his job to arrest her. If something is not done soon to stop fictimhood, it will become the biggest challenge of western society in the 21st century
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