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Karli Stringer

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Starkville, Oktibbeha County, Mississippi. The one who stopped at nothing to be a victim. MSU student stars in the latest episode of a viral attempted kidnap hoax putting her whole campus on edge. Her fantasies play out pretty well stage by stage until... it just so happened that there is something called "security camera" which brought her hoax to an abrupt end.

November 06, 2019. Afternoon. Mississippi State University Police Department (MSUPD) received a call from a female student reporting that she was approached by an older male who asked if she wanted to see “the oldest book in the world.” The female student, believed to be senior communication major Karli Stringer, claimed she thought the man was selling bibles but it felt weird. However, she alleged, she told the man she would like to check it out, but that the incident was not an emergency.

About an hour after the call, MSU Admin received a call from a parent complaining that a Maroon Alert had not been issued about the attempted abduction on campus. Later on the same day, an account seeming to belong to a male student tweeted an alert: “Y’all be extremely safe on MSU campus. There was an attempted kidnapping in broad daylight by steak n shake. White van with a Missouri tag. Three men tried to grab a girl. Ladies be extremely careful and men try to walk with them. RT and spread awareness,” according to a report by The Reflector.

At this time there was no attempted abduction report made to MSUPD: “No, none, zero, attempted kidnappings have been reported to @msstatepd. We would advise if one was,” posted on MSUPD twitter page.

November 07, 2019. Morning. The initial female caller believed to be Karli Stringer called MSUPD again and this time, she alleged, a man grabbed her and then two other men came up and attempted to put her in a van. She said she fought, screamed and eventually broke loose while some workers ran to her aid.

However, during an investigation, officers reviewed security footage from the area and determined the story to be a hoax. Surveillance Camera footage shows the female, Karli Stringer, walking out of the parking lot and crossing the street but there is no sign of any ordeal as she described in her report.

November 08, 2019. 20-year-old Karli Stringer was arrested and charged with False Reporting of a crime. She was released shortly after on a recognizance bond. No official motive for the hoax has been extracted from the tax-funds-wasting-fake-victim, so it is safe to speculate that we're dealing with a kidnap fantasist and an attention-whore at it. Watch this space

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