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Casey Lee Sax

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Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon. The Hysteria Case of Casey. Woman annoyed by husband's intoxication not only turns hysterically intolerant of her supposedly significant half but is also plunged into epic fictimhood mode evident by her multiple 911 calls. Discarding the marriage vows and much so the basic courtesy of romantic co-existence, Casey Sax leaves nothing to your imagination. And like my middle-aged single aunt would say: "That idiot doesn't realize how lucky she is to have a husband."

December 24, 2019. Christmas Eve. Don't blame anyone for drinking away their troubles and, in, the Xmas. But one woman just couldn't stand the Merry any more, not even from her own 14-year husband. Casey Lee Sax (AKA Casey Sparks) took to 911 not once, not twice, not three times but a whopping four times with false reports of abuse on herself. And because VAWA is more important to America than the birth of Christ, Cops had to #BelieveWomen, #StartByBelieving and respond all four times to find nothing as reported.

On the first dispatch, Casey told the responding officer that her husband entered the bedroom and wouldn't leave, so, she pushed him to the ground (That means she was actually the one abusing him). However, the officer left without arresting the abuser, Casey Lee Sax.

On the second dispatch, Casey Sax told the same responding officer that she was upset that her husband was intoxicated and breaking her belongings. However, the officer noted nothing appeared to be broken.

On the third dispatch, Casey Sax told the officer she “only called 911 due to her annoyance with her husband.” At this point the officer warned her not to call 911 again over non-emergency issues.

However, within 20 minutes of being warned, Casey Sax called again for the fourth time. By the time an officer arrived, she walked out of the house, met the officer outside and offered herself to be arrested.

Her husband who has no domestic violence history also appears to have been unaware his wife was calling the cops on him, according to police who responded to the reported incidents.

59-year-old Casey Lee Sax was arrested and booked in Multnomah County Detention Center on suspicion of harassment, initiating a false report and improper use of an emergency reporting system. She was released from jail on Christmas after posting $750 bail, according to court records, reported by OregonLive.

December 26, 2019. fictim Casey Lee Sax pleaded not guilty to the charges against her. Hopefully, her intolerant self along with her charges will be dragged into the New Year. Shame on fictims who turn trivial issues into court cases. Watch this space

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