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Kourtney Shaquille Sloan

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Added: Dec 31, 2019  

Garner, Wake County, North Carolina. Alright, we exit 2019 with a kidnap hoax by alleged car thief Kourtney Sloan. Her False Reporting earns her New Years Eve in jail.

December 30, 2019. Morning. Kourtney Shaquille Sloan called 911 and reported that she was kidnapped by men the previous night (December 29, 2019). She detailed that while at Garner Ale House, she was snatched by unknown Hispanic males, put in a van, tied up and driven all the way to South Carolina. There, she claimed, she managed to escape and then drove the same van back to her home in Raleigh, from where she then called 911.

In launching an investigation, detectives obtained video that shows Kourtney Sloan entering an unlocked van in the parking lot of an Auto Repair shop near her alleged kidnap location, around 5 a.m. on the same morning she reported the alleged crime. Officers say they believe that Kourtney Sloan then drove to her residence and called police from there.

December 31, 2019. In addition to Filing a False Report, 28-year-old Kourtney Shaquille Sloan of Raleigh was also charged with Larceny of Motor Vehicle. She will be arraigned in January 2020.

Why did Kourtney seem to change her mind from the Larceny and rather call the police in what appears to be an attempt to return the stolen vehicle in fictimhood faith? We don't know. Perhaps the vehicle was not as worth it as she initially thought? or perhaps she decided to turn over a new leaf and live a crime-free life from 2020? We don't know. But at least this particular fictim does not appear to have much of a criminal record besides Battery and Assault charges back in 2014.

Whatever motivated Kourtney to call the police and make a false report just to return the car is a combination of folly and bravery, not a bad quality for a fictim. However, society should still hold her false reporting against her not only because our taxes have been wasted but also the realm of possibility that some innocent Hispanic men would have gotten into serious trouble had fitted the profile of her falsely reported crime before police discovered the lies. Not good. Watch this space

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