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Brianna Claire Walker

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New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County, Florida. Another case of empowered pedophilia. Female high school sports trainer invites underage boys to her house, engages in weed smoking, liquor gulping and crowns it up with teen-banging; then declares herself a victim of rape. While the underage boys she falsely accused lost everything, Brianna Walker is only reluctantly charged with misdemeanors.

June 01, 2018. High School Athletic Instructor, Brianna Claire Walker (AKA Brianna C. Walker or Briana C. Walker), went to the police and reported having been drugged and raped by 4 teen football players in her home on May 30, 2018. The boys were named in the shady allegations by which Brianna told police she was unsure if she consented to sex with one of them, but that she did not consent to all four. She also claimed her drink must have been spiked.

A few days later, while police were still investigating the alleged crime, Brianna Walker resigned her position as Athletic Trainer at Spruce Creek High School. The boys she accused had themselves and their families humiliated, they lost their football scholarship just like it happened in the other case here.

During the investigation, detectives learned that Brianna Walker had a history of inappropriate flirtatious behavior toward minors. It is unclear why she was allowed to continue working with juvenile students even with such pedophilia behavior.

Detectives also learned it was her who offered alcohol to the juvenile males and smoked marijuana with them. Additionally, her toxicology report returned negative for any date-rape drugs. Brianna Walker herself had already started drinking before the underage boys arrived at her home, and she later willingly engaged in group sex. Eventually, Brianna Walker admitted that she allowed the “juveniles to partake in alcoholic consumption provided by her,” but, she claims, she did not know how much the players drank and that she blacked out at some point, according to the affidavit later stating the charges against her.

August 30, 2018. After much damage had been done, the falsely accused juveniles were cleared of rape. Although investigators came to the conclusion that the sex was consensual, at least for Brianna, they continued to investigate other possible crime elements related to the reported incident.

December 16, 2019. 24-year-old Brianna Claire Walker was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a child and falsely reporting a crime, both first-degree misdemeanors. However, she was neither arrested nor booked in jail so there was no media report of this incident.

January 02, 2020. fictim Brianna Walker was arraigned to answer to misdemeanor charges. She pleaded not guilty and "plans to fight the charges," according to her attorney. The case continues.

While we thought it was bad enough that female employees who handle young males can't seem to keep their legs closed, now we're faced with another epidemic that the same irresponsible women dare to falsely accuse minors of rape. The international fiod rider here in a similar case has been found guilty of public mischief. Let's see if Brianna Walker ever gets a piece of that guilt-tag. That remains highly unlikely here in the U.S., unfortunately. First of all, the current misdemeanor charges against the fictim were as a result of one of the accused juvenile's parents pressuring the system for justice and accountability. Even then, Brianna Walker was neither arrested nor booked into jail. Secondly, parents of the other 3 juveniles have so far expressed no interest in testifying against Brianna. Without their testimonies, the case will not be strong enough to get the pedomare any significant punishment. So, Walker likely Walks.

How long will parents continue to cope with this? and how many other Briannas are out there? Hold that thought!

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