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Leesburg, Lake County, Florida. Empowered woman infects her daughter with mendaciousness in efforts to dispose of her boyfriend through a false police report of assaults on herself. Unfortunately, this is NOT uncommon.

December 20, 2019. Afternoon. Police Officers responded to a burglary and battery report at a home on Harlem Avenue. There, Kengela Charnise Hampton told officers that her boyfriend had kicked down her door, grabbed her by the neck with both hands and choked the shit out of her, then flung her on the couch and pressed on her stomach with his body weight, while continuing to chock-hold her.

As Kengela Hampton was five months pregnant with twins at the time of the alleged attack, this situation was already looking like a very serious and concerning, but she didn't end the story there. Kengela further claimed that her boyfriend also threatened her with a firearm and didn't let go of her neck until her young daughter demanded him to stop. Then, she alleged, he made away with items from the residence including an iPhone, a Playstation, and cash.

When officers looked at Kengela Hampton’s daughter, she echoed mom's version of the story almost word for word. However,...

December 21, 2019... While assisting in a DCF investigation, Kengela's daughter found a chance to speak to an investigator in the absence of her mom. This time she told police a different story that when she and her mom came home on Friday, they found the door was already broken and they noticed the iPhone and Playstation were missing. Then mom, Kengela Hampton, asked her to call 911. While they waited for dispatch, mom became more furious, concocted the story against the boyfriend and instructed her to lie along. The young girl told police that the accused boyfriend didn't even come around on that day.

Following the revelation, Police interviewed Kengela Hampton again and this time she admitted concocting the story because she was mad at her boyfriend for calling her names and because they wouldn't reach an agreement on parental responsibilities. Kengela said she had hoped that by the false report, her boyfriend would be arrested and taken out of her life for good. There you have it, the reason why we must #BelieveWomen.

On the same day. 26-year-old Kengela Charnise Hampton who has a history of multiple arrests was once again arrested and charged with making a false report and tampering with a witness. She was booked in the Lake County Jail on a $26,000 bond.

Props to the daughter who told the truth. In very rare instances would a young daughter go against mom to stand for truth. Watch this space

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