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Added: Jan 2, 2020  

West Bloomfield Township, Oakland County, Michigan. The Way of the Woketard. This incident explains why potential Jewish fictims should never wear apple watches, some might argue. But the watch contained only one of the several shreds of evidence that gave away Sean Samitt as a fake victim of antisemitic stabbing.

December 15, 2019. Cantorial Soloist Sean E Samitt ‎(?™?•?—? ?? ?????”???™) reported that while he was leaving his workplace at Temple Kol Ami, a white male between his late 30s and early 40s confronted him at the parking lot, yelled "you jew", punched him in the chest and ranted that "there are too many immigrants here." Sean Samitt said that while he tried to fight off the assailant, he was stabbed in the abdomen. He, however, managed to get himself to a hospital from where the police were contacted.

Following the allegations, police searched the parking lot and the area with the assistance of a K9 unit but found no evidence to corroborate the reported attack. Officers then obtained the nearest surveillance camera footage in the vicinity, but that too did not corroborate the fictim's claims. Investigators then checked Sean Samitt's iPhone and noticed a health app connected to the fictim's Apple Watch which was running at the time of the alleged attack. Investigators looked more diligently at the heart-rate monitoring app which suggested a different series of events.

At the timeline of the alleged attack, Sean Samitt's heart-rate was normal which is unusual for someone who had been in a scuffle. However, shortly before the timeframe of the attack, the Apple Watch app indicated his heart-rate was higher, leading police to look where he was before the alleged incident. Investigators found blood-stained tissues and a knife inside Sean Samitt’s office in the synagogue. Police believe that the fictim stabbed himself slightly in order to fabricate the hate crime attack.

With all pieces of evidence against him, Sean Samitt confessed that he stabbed himself. When asked for a motive, officers faced yet another challenge extracting truth from the Jewish "spiritual leader". First, Sean Samitt said he lost consciousness and accidentally stabbed himself while washing dishes at the synagogue. As his Apple Watch app did not support any claims of lost consciousness, the Jewish fibster tried again re-inventing his motive from an accident to an intent, "... I put the knife in to see like just how deep it went...," he said, adding that he thought it was "the only way out" of his contract with the synagogue, according to the arrest affidavit.

Now we're talking. But what's the deal with the anti-immigration rant in a supposedly anti-semitic hate crime hoax? According to The Union for Reform Judaism website, Sean Samitt was supposed to participate in a "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leadership Cohort". That "JewV'Nation Fellowship 2019-2020" features the wokest of the woketards. Their members embody every characteristic you can possibly associate with seasoned SJWs, ranging from fourth-wave feminism to LBGTQIAX+ advocacy, to open borders. In fact, Sean Samitt appears to be Anti-ICE, according to his social media post.

December 20, 2019. 26-year-old Sean E Samitt of Farmington Hills was arrested on one count of falsely reporting a felony, which is a felony. He was arraigned the same day at 48th District Court in Bloomfield Hills where his bond was set at $7,500.

December 23, 2019. The fictim (fake victim) is reported to have been bonded out by his adoptive parent.

January 02, 2020. fictim Sean Samitt was back in court for a probable cause hearing which has called more attention to his case. A preliminary examination of the evidence against him is scheduled for January 14th, 2020, in the same court. Anything can happen between now and then. Watch this space.

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