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Chasity Brewer

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Added: Jan 3, 2020  

Muskogee, Muskogee County, Oklahoma. Everything burns and she knew it, but she didn't know her ploy would also burn. Woman hoping to pull off flawless insurance scam sets her car on fire, then falsely reports being a kidnap victim. But the plan was flawed, just like the other one here

December 04, 2019. movie-like tale, Chasity Brewer (AKA Chasity C Brewer) reported that she noticed a broken down vehicle and stopped to offer help. Suddenly two armed men approached and kidnapped her. She alleged she managed to escape and was picked up by her husband 30 minutes later, from a different location. She alleged that by the time she got back to the location of her vehicle, she found it in flames.

Police noticed the vehicle was really engulfed in flames, but, by who? Detectives got busy on the case and discovered it's the owner of the car, the fictim herself, who was responsible for the incident. Speaking to News On 6, “We discovered that she [Chasity] indeed was not kidnapped and that she set her car on fire herself,” said an officer from the Muskogee Police Department. “It is a little disheartening when you get into an investigation and discover that the victim is not actually a victim,” the officer added.

It is unclear if the fictim's husband was a part (or had any knowledge) of the ruse.

January 03, 2020. 42-year-old Chasity Brewer was arrested and charged with arson, false insurance claim and false reporting of a crime. She was booked in Muskogee County jail. Watch this space.

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