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Julisa Perez Zendejas

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Added: Jan 6, 2020  

Poplar-Cotton Center, Tulare County, California. Vindictive woman hoping to punish ex-husband with a false child abduction report ends up punishing her own kids with an uncertain fate while she goes to jail. Those who empowered this liar at best thought she was stable-minded enough to call the shots.

January 04, 2020. Morning. Deputies responded to a possible child abduction report made by Julisa Perez Zendejas. She told officers that her ex-husband had taken their two daughters without her consent and fled south, in violation of a court order.

Following the complaint, the Authorities alerted other police departments and units all plunging into action on the lookout for Julisa's one year younger ex-husband and the children aged 13 and 8. On the same day, officers from the Westmoreland and Brawley police departments near the Mexico border stopped Mr. Ex-husband's car and detained him on suspicion of child abduction. But it turns out there was no crime here and the children were just fine.

Detectives determined that the accused ex-husband did not suddenly kidnap the children as Julisa reported. In fact, with her permission, the children had been living with him for months, in violation of a court order. Consequently, Child Welfare Services in Tulare and Imperial counties were notified and will take up the matter. It is likely the children will end up in the "care" of the government. How about the lying mother? She seems to be in even bigger trouble.

January 05, 2020. 33-year-old Julisa Perez Zendejas who already had warrants for DUI and probation violation was once again arrested and additionally charged with Filing a False Report. Her total bail was set at $107,500. The investigation continues.

This is yet another case of a mother placing her pride, selfishness, mendaciousness, and in this case, hysterical stupidity, over the well-being of her own children. You can only wonder how she got custody in the first place, considering her past records. Assuming she achieved her goal and got the innocent man arrested, and then what? she herself has proven too irresponsible to take care of the kids and she damn sure would have been arrested at some point. And then what happens to the kids? foster care? Does she even think? Watch this space.

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