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Updated: Jan 14, 2020  

Warwick, Kent County, Rhode Island, Massachusetts. To the rock star reverend who did not practice what she preached, “It would take a hundred pages to list all your lies, manipulations, and abuse of the legal and justice system,” said the falsely accused teen boy to the mastermind of the false rape accusation against him, none other than Pastor Kelly Shannon who got a suspended jail sentence for her life-destroying "web of lies". Surprised? don't be, because this is a trend. See updates lower down the page.

A little background to this story. In 2014, then 42-year-old Kelly Shannon, a rock star pastor of sorts had an awkward relationship with a 13-year-old boy whom she met in church. She took him on outings and even helped him with his homework. At some point, she reportedly got the boy secretly married to a female relative alleged to be her own daughter, another child of the same age. The mom of the boy instinctively noticed something was not right and seized the boy's phone to keep him away from Kelly. But Kelly got him another phone. The boy's mom understandably uncomfortable with Kelly's persistent closeness with her son, filed for a Restraining Order against Kelly Shannon which was approved. Unhappy with the court order, Kelly Shannon warned the boy that if he did not get his mom to remove the RO, she would get him arrested. For a 13-year-old boy, you can imagine how unrealistic it would be to process this type of threat. Unfortunately, Kelly Shannon was not joking.

April 10, 2014. The boy's 'married girlfriend' under Kelly Shannon's instruction reported that her boyfriend had raped her. Spare the gruesome details composed by the rocker pastor herself.

Consequently, the accused boy was apprehended and detained in a juvenile correctional center, humiliated as a rapist, forced to wear electronic monitoring bracelet which caused him to quit his football team, he was forbidden from being around other children without supervision, he lost friends, endured overwhelming trauma, all for the great crime of being accused by a female. But there was, fortunately, a twist of fate...

November 20, 2014. After enduring enough of Kelly Shannon, the teen girl could not take it anymore and went to her Junior High School Administrators for help, complaining about Kelly Shannon. The school then called in the Warwick police as the 13-year-old female student wished to recant the rape allegations against her boyfriend. When officers arrived, the teen girl told them that Kelly Shannon had forced her to lie about the rape and also compelled her to engage in sexual activities with various teenage boys. The girl revealed to investigators that Kelly Shannon had also taken her nude photos and pictures of her in underwear that the Reverend not only used to force her co-operation but also later sent to boys. Kelly Shannon had taken over the young girl's social media accounts, posted messages and communicated with boys while impersonating the teen girl, according to a report by Providence Journal. Kelly Shannon allegedly also directed the juvenile girl on oral and other sex acts that she was to perform on the underage boys.

The young teen girl allowed investigators to search her cellphone and hold on to three other electronic devices for the investigation. To that effect, detectives also obtained a warrant to seize and search Shannon’s cellphone as well as that of her husband and other digital devices.

November 25, 2014. On Kelly Shannon’s phone, behold, Detectives found an image of a boy’s activated cock that was originally sent to the teen girl. They also found many child porn photos that corroborated the teen girl's account of the events.

July 30, 2015. The Kent County Attorney General's office approved charges against Kelly Shannon - one count of possessing child pornography and seven counts of Filing False Police Reports personally and by compelling juvenile girls to be agents of making false reports. Her bond was set at 10,000 but she was free on her own Personal Recognizance.

August 14, 2015. Kent County Superior Court. Kelly Shannon was arraigned on the charges, pleaded not guilty and remained free on PR and that was the end of it. Not really... The AG's office waited a whopping 4+ years before finally reluctantly moving forward with the case. It is not clear if they waited for Kelly to die so they wouldn't have to serve her any justice, or if they waited for the victimized juveniles to come of age, or if the delay was due to something else like a missing puzzle piece from the investigation, however...

January 06, 2020. After being offered a plea deal and pleading No Contest, 48-year-old Kelly Shannon was handed down a suspended sentence of 5 years in prison of which 18 months is to be served in home confinement. For the remaining three and a half years, the pedoharpy would be on probation. As if that wasn't enough leniency, Kelly Shannon the child porn rocker pastor is not required to register as a sex offender because her child porn felony charge was changed to felony using a computer for fraudulent purposes as part of the plea deal. And just like her 2007 released song in the Album "rescue me" is titled "I am free", there is almost NO JAIL time for S. Kelly.

The falsely accused innocent young male who suffered the most by the rock star pastor's "web of lies" had his written statements read in court “She was someone that mastered the art of deception and manipulation. I trusted her, an adult figure, and unknowingly over time became a victim in her web of lies,” according to a report by Providence Journal. He also wrote directly to the pedoharpy rocker pastor herself “It would take a hundred pages to list all your lies, manipulations, and abuse of the legal and justice system,” he wrote. Kelly Shannon is said to have a special needs son whom she neglects while bothering another woman's son and grooming her teen daughter to become the next attention spotlight grabber. In other words, a star liar training her next generation, what could go wrong! Kelly Shannon's neighbors have also publicly complained about her being somewhat of an obsessive nuisance. Despite all that, the justice system seems to see nothing but an angel in pedoharpy Kelly Shannon.

January 14, 2020. Kent County Superior Court. 48-year-old Kelly Shannon was brought before a judge to face the beginning of her sentence which is just one night in jail after which the rest of the 18 months would be "served" at home. As usual, the judge sugar-coated the so-called punishment with other conditions like Kelly Shannon will face "restrictions on her computer use", "no unsupervised contact with children", and required to undergo "mental health counseling", gibberish designed to make it look like Kelly is facing severe punishment. Don't be fooled.

Kelly Shannon's sentencing, in this case, is another blow to justice which just goes to show you that Lady Justice is not properly blindfolded in the western world. Imagine for one second if Kelly Shannon was a man who committed the exact same crimes, would he be released on PR? would it take almost 5 years between his indictment and sentencing? would he get that plea deal? Would his supposed jail-term be as short as 5 years? would it be a suspended sentence? would he not be required to register as a sex offender? I bet the answer to most of those questions is NO.

However, besides the lack of gender equality before the law, there is another issue of women using children to plot evil. It is a worrying trend here ignored by mainstream media let alone by the authorities. Isn't it hi-time people took back their communities and restored their moral values rather than wait for Uncle Sam's female-corrupting policies to do it? Hold that thought

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