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Added: Jan 3, 2020  

Richland, Benton County, Washington. Not your average rape hoax. This one establishes the true meaning of 'rape fraud'. In fact, Raeshel Lawrence netted thousands of dollars through GoFu**Me before you would think the authorities became wise enough to catch up with the flawed product of their pro-victimhood rhetoric. But no, the authorities rather downplayed it to keep pushing their false narrative that "women don't lie about rape." Bleurgh!

October 18, 2018. StartByBelieving, then apply common sense later. This is apparently the mindset by which police responded to the aftermath of an alleged home invasion and rape reported by Raeshel D. Lawrence, a health professional of sorts. When officers interviewed her as a sexual assault victim at the hospital, she detailed her allegation that shortly after a visit from her separated husband, a strange man barged into her home and raped her while she tried to fight back and eventually pushed the man onto a chest of drawers. The man eventually left, Raeshel alleged, then she took several photos of her injuries and then called 911, according to court documents.

A police investigation followed, but, what detectives found did not corroborate the attack. First of all, the light-weight chest of drawers which Raeshel Lawrence claimed to have pushed the attacker upon stood intact with an undamaged glass jar on it. Also, potential witnesses neither heard any commotion nor saw anyone fitting Raeshel's description of the alleged perpetrator entering or leaving the area within the reported timeframe of the attack.

Police say they attempted to reach out to Raeshel Lawrence for follow-up interviews but she declined. Despite the red flag, police continued to investigate...

October 28, 2018. While the investigation was on-going, a friend of Raeshel Lawrence by her own request took to GoFu**Me to scam rape believers. Her story there claimed Raeshel would be out of work without pay due to injuries sustained from the "rape". As usual, blind believers jumped on the campaign donating away with the money going directly to Raeshel's bank account. It took the scamming of almost 60 sympathizers on GoFu**Me for law-enforcement to finally catch up with Raeshel's fake rape ploy.

Police checked Raeshel's phone history and discovered she texted to her separated husband five minutes after she started photographing her injuries, yet she mentioned nothing about the alleged attack. In fact, her message said she was "fine and wanted to go to sleep," according to court documents. Her estranged husband had no idea of the break-in and rape complaint until the next day, phone records suggest. According to an article by Tri-City Herald, police also say that Raeshel Lawrence’s injuries were self-inflicted, and DNA results from the rape kit showed evidence that she had consensual sex before claiming she was attacked, according to court documents.

November 06, 2019. After receiving donations of almost $2,800 and even spending some of it, 34-year-old Raeshel Lawrence, of Kennewick, was charged with felony second-degree theft, and misdemeanor false reporting. She will be arraigned in Benton County Superior Court in February 2020.

There you have it. Raeshel Lawrence used the consensual sex with her estranged hubby to validate a claim rape against a non-existent male perpetrator in other to scam you, law-enforcement and the justice system. Imagine if police had started their investigation by checking the rape fictim's phone? no, they had to StartByBelieving her and spending your taxes on Rape Kits and whatnot while she carried on with milking innocent sympathizers.

Raeshel Lawrence is not a career crybaby as far as we can tell. She is/was, in fact, a licensed nurse. What's worrying, USMDB lists her as a Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers Counselor, a Mental Health Nurse. She was certified and entrusted with being in a position to determine what behavior is appropriate, if nothing more. So, we can rule-out mental health issues from any potential excuse she may come up with. As she had much to lose, careerwise, she was apparently not seeking attention. That leaves us with money motives. Ladies and Gentlemen, the rape fraudster. She probably witnessed in the course of her nursing career how easy it was for women to milk the system with gender-based crime reports and so she took the driver seat knowing there's little or no consequence if she crashes the car.

How the Authorities downplay her rape hoax.

Firstly, even though Raeshel Lawrence had been charged with a felony and misdemeanor in Benton County, there was never any booking into jail nor mugshot of her as far as we can tell. The Benton County jail booking roster was made available, it includes mugshots of persons charged with lesser misdemeanor crimes but Raeshel Lawrence the accused felon is nowhere on the list. Does she know someone on the inside protecting her from publicity?

According to news release of January 03, 2020, The Washington Department of Health also charged Raeshel Lawrence with unprofessional conduct. But that's by no means due to her rape hoax.

As you can see, they mentioned all but the rape hoax. In other words, Raeshel Lawrence would have faced disciplinary action for all her crimes but the tax-payer resource wasting rape hoax. The Authorities apparently don't think a false rape allegation is a big deal. But how would she have garnered the sympathy from potential GoFu**Me donors had she not falsely claimed to have been raped? You might need to ask the person in charge of DOH communications.

The news release even downplayed the amount that Raeshel Lawrence milked from innocent donors stating "about $2,500" while court documents state almost $2,800. It almost sounds like people inside know Raeshel and are trying their best to make it look like her actions were not so bad.

It is not far-fetched that tones on this one indicate they're disciplining Raeshel for the botched rape hoax. She would have rather gotten a career boost if she pulled it off as flawlessly as many others do. It's called 'Empowerment'. Watch this space.

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