Jane Doe of North Port

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North Port, Sarasota County, Florida. Juvenile cunt raised in "rape culture" rhetoric couldn't find luck getting a piece of the action, so she repeatedly fabricated experiences to skank society for attention. This same skank had caused someone to serve a long jail term based on her false reporting of stalking and abuse. How much is too much?

We're not revealing her identity yet apparently because she's still considered underaged, but last week we shared news of the teen who tried to pull off a rape hoax. Instead of getting warned and/or punished by the Authorities, she rather got rewarded with the attention and support she craved by lying in the first place. Well, guess what! Just as common sense would have it, the attention she got encouraged her to do it again. This time, the authorities seem to be on board with common sense and charged her.

January 06, 2020. In a quest for attention, Jane Doe went on to report that while she jogged in a neighborhood, a man grabbed and sexually battered her. Following the report, police had to StartByBelieving and send her to a medical center for consultation with a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner)

January 07, 2020. In an interview with officers, she not only stuck to her story but gruesomely expanded upon it and even described the man in her rape fantasies: a 5'8 white male in his late 30s, average to muscular build, dark blonde hair styled in a buzz cut, goatee, and greenish-blue eyes. He was wearing blue jeans with a black t-shirt with a red and orange design on the front, and he drove a black car.

As police are forced by the state to take sexual assault pranks and rape fantasies seriously, they worked diligently with the teen fibster to produce a digital composite sketch of the alleged perpetrator.

Even though investigators found nothing matching the suspect's description when they searched the area and reviewed security cameras from nearby businesses and homes, they still played along with the hoax.

January 08, 2020. While the news of a teen girl being sexually attacked by a man was spreading, the above image was published by the media, adding to the circus.

“We’re asking the public to please check any recording devices they may have which could help us in this investigation,” NPPD later wrote on Facebook.

January 09, 2020. Investigators downloaded data from the teen complaint’s phone and analyzed it. The timeline of events she provided in her report did not match her actual activities and mood. In fact, police found evidence she concocted the whole thing. Imagine if they had started their investigation with this step, taxpayer funds would not be wasted on rape kits and lengthy investigations trying to find truth in an obvious lie.

January 10, 2020. Following the discovery, officers requested that the teen’s guardian show up with her at North Port Police Department for a chat. There, the girl confessed to concocting the sexual battery story for attention.

However, rather than punish the teen, Police announced that they were offering her attention and support in the aftermath of her sexual assault hoax. The NPPD released a statement “...Our focus right now is making sure the young woman gets any necessary help. We will continue to investigate all reports such as this with the rigor and respect they deserve.” We as ordinary members of society criticized the NPPD for the handling of the aftermath of this hoax. We at GCAFA warned that such a response from Law Enforcement would rather encourage more false reporting.

January 13, 2020. Just a few days after she was spared from any punishment, teen Jane Doe struck again with another victimhood hoax. This time, she reported that after she opened her front door to let out her dog, an unknown male approached her, pushed her inside her home and then ran off. She alleged she must have blacked out from the incident and woke up to find her best friend next to her, then they called 911.

After a brief investigation, Police determined that second report too was false.

January 15, 2020. NPPD Officers charged the teen fibster with two misdemeanor counts of making a false report to police. You can bet that's about how far the Authorities will dare to go. There will be no further consequences, which sends a message of encouragement to other potential false victims.

When police refused to charge her the first time, our own Mark Matthews of GCAFA had unleased without reserve:

"When target customers of state-sponsored cuntworthism exercise their constitutional right to sexual attention at the expense of societal sanity and your taxes, then you know Uncle Sam is playing right by his book, but to whose benefit? As policy-driven idiotified law-enforcers vow to continue "Start(ing)ByBelieving" every misandric rape hysteria crap spewed by every next skank while wasting our taxes chasing non-existent cock-bearing monsters, then it's a sign we've already evolved beyond common sense. And when a proven mendacious skank has to be rewarded with her desired attention and support rather than punishment for putting a whole community on edge, then our civilization has self-demoralized beyond the possibility of redemption."

Strong words. Whatever that means, Mark can be proportionately crazy sometimes. Watch this space!

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