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Dianne Jolley

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Updated: Jan 21, 2020  

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Not a jolly story of Jolley. From Dean to Unforeseen, an Environmental Chemist and Toxicologist proves how harmful and toxic she can be for the environment. Being tackled on one mendaciousness, she switches to another - fake female harassment victimhood, and keeps up the drama even till after she was busted and charged.

December 2018. Having been an Associate Dean in Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute, with Ph.D. qualifications, and a body of published journals on marine pollution and environmental toxicology and chemistry; Professor Dianne Jolley was trusted with a position in University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) as Dean of Science under which she was involved in programs like Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Massage offered through UTS's Chinese Medical Clinic.

Procedurally, Dianne Jolley was supposed to produce her Degree in Chinese Medicine which she earlier claimed to have obtained, but she allegedly never did. Absence of a Chinese Medicine Degree would disqualify her from continuing to offer the Oriental courses as well as obtaining the money and extra benefits that come with them. Beyond that, she may have been subject to some sort of disciplinary action by the institution. As Dianne Jolley could not produce relative qualifications, UTS threatened to shut down its Chinese Traditional Medicine courses.

Between March and April 2019. During the tug-of-war between the professor and the University, there were petitions and protests by staff members and students in efforts to keep the 25-year-old Chinese Medicine Courses alive. However, rather than own up and step aside, Dianne turned up the heat.

Between May and August 2019. Professor Dianne Jolley allegedly embarked on a fake harassment campaign against herself which was then believed to be carried out by elements in UTS who wanted her out of her position. At that time she claimed to have received a total of four threatening letters.

A police investigation and tightening of security in the UTS followed.

September 16, 2019. As if her previously reported fake victimhood did not generate enough sympathy and attention, Professor Dianne Jolley decided to add a female card to it by not only telling police that she received more threatening letters but also that her underwear was stolen from her backyard, slashed into pieces, and left on her vehicle.

Making her fake harassment to seem more intimate and arouse a notion of sexual motive seemed to have received her desired response from the police, and so she did it again.

September 25, 2019. fictim Dianne Jolley contacted police yet again and complained that her alleged harasser had sent another threatening letter and a piece of her stolen clothing to a business center in the vicinity of UTS.

After forensic analysis, Detectives confirmed the clothing found in UTS vicinity were items of Dianne Jolley's clothing which were earlier reported stolen.

Following the series of Dianne Jolley's harassment claims, UTS increased security reported to be at the cost of over AU$150,000 (Approx. $102,448 US) including the cost of a hired private vehichle to take the professor to and from work daily.

A more in-depth investigation, however, determined that the reported crimes were staged by Dianne Jolley herself.

November 25, 2019. 49-year-old Dianne Jolley was arrested at UTS campus and taken into police custody on charges of obtaining a financial advantage by deception, giving false information about a person or property in danger, and making false representations resulting in a taxfunded police investigationbut was released on bail shortly after. 9News described her as "the bearer of bad news" with good reason.

November 27, 2019. The same day Dianne Jolley appeared in Downing Centre Local Court, the UTS received 2 more harassment letters putting the total number of threatening letters against Dianne Jolley and UTS at 10. In that court hearing, though, she pleaded not guilty.

While out on bail, her addiction to fake victimhood seemingly only intensified. Police say Dianne Jolley sent an additional 9 threatening letters to UTS and herself, making it a total of 19 letters, some of which threatened biological attacks.

January 08, 2020. At her home in Woolooware. Professor Dianne Jolley was once again arrested and slapped with new charges of giving false information about a person or property in danger and breaching bail conditions. This time, her bail application was denied, pending a court hearing scheduled for January 21, 2020. While she's in there, the harassment campaign might just stop. Watch this space

-- Update --

January 21, 2020. By the request of her attorney who accused the police of secretly subpoenaing the professor's psychology notes while she was detained, Dianne Jolley was once again granted bail. As part of her bail conditions, she will refrain from entering UTS premises, contacting UTS staff and/or mailing anything except through her legal representatives. She is also expected to remain under and national media scrutiny and extensive surveillance including CCTV in her street, her attorney told the court.

“If she wasn’t aware of the consequences of breaching bail, I imagine she is (now),” said the magistrate, according to a report here by The Guardian.

“She’s been called a variety of things including the dodgy professor...”
“She can barely go anywhere without attracting attention,” the magistrate added.

There you have it, attention-whorism taking a better part of a mendacious woman than decades of professionalism. Dianne Jolley continues to deny wrong doing. You can bet in Austalia's hard-core feminist environment, someone (or some people) will go beyond trying to make Dianne Jolley's fake victimhood not look so bad to completely declaring her as innocent, to keep other instinctive liars believable. Watch this space

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