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Jessica Audra Lance

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Added: Jan 23, 2020  

Greer, Greenville County, South Carolina. "I'm not racist but...," the line you're likely to hear from the likes of Jessica Lance, a counter-jumper of sorts who invited black people to her workplace, and then made a false armed robbery report against them. This one is fishy on so many levels.

January 22, 2020. Night. Jessica Audra Lance called 911 and reported that the Dollar General store where she works had just been robbed by four black men, one of whom held a knife to her throat during the robbery. Consequently, officers showed up at the store and began to investigate.

January 23, 2020. Detectives discovered evidence suggesting the crime had been fabricated. They learned that Jessica Lance had actually invited the men to the store so she could "buy them beer", according to a police press release. When the men arrived, they took multiple crates of beer and left.

Meanwhile, Jessica Lance confessed to fabricating the story because she was afraid of possible retaliation from her employer. No excuses for wasting our time and taxes while trying to get others in trouble...

...18-year-old Jessica Audra Lance was taken to the Greenville County Detention Center and booked on a charged of Filing a False Police Report of a Felony Violation. She is awaiting a bond hearing in court.

If something smells odd about this whole story then you're thinking straight. A white woman inviting 4 black men to "buy them beer"? at her place of work? really? Nice try. Let's just rephrase that to people involved in a controlled substance transaction that didn't go well. Then someone called the cops, cried wolf and concocted a not-so-believable story to cover it up. Whatever caused the authorities to settle with / feed us this as the official conclusion of what happened, is beyond our understanding. But everyone is entitled to their own intellectual capacity. Watch this space

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