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Added: Sep 11, 2018  

Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. Viral Hoaxer concocts a story of an attempted abduction of her child which was reported on local media and shared by thousands of sheeple on social media, earning her nothing but undeserved sympathy and attention.

September 08, 2018. fictim and hoaxer Emily Lyons made an elaborate social media post claiming that her child was nearly abducted from a parking lot near Walmart. She claimed that while offloading groceries from the cart to her car, a woman approached her with a conversation that distracted her from her 10-month old child in the cart. Emily claims that while talking to the woman, a man attempted to take her baby. According to her post, after the man had failed to get her son out of the shopping cart, the couple quickly headed for a black 4-door car and drove off.

"It happened so quick I didn't know how to respond," she said. "I didn't yell for help because by the time I could even muster words to come out of my mouth, they were gone."

"I can remember thinking, 'Oh my gosh, is this really happening?" Emily said.

Besides the Facebook post, Emily also filed a police report on the alleged incident and was interviewed and aired on WHAS11.

September 10, 2018. A day later, after police reviewed the surveillance video of the area, they determined the incident never occurred, LMPD said. After being confronted with facts from the video evidence, Emily Lyons admitted to having fabricated the incident. Just another hoax from another attention ****e.

"I feel so violated, I feel so defeated, I feel so let down by the human race," Emily had written in her post. However, it is herself who letdown the human race. With her lies, she let down her community, law enforcement, the media, and the thousands of people who believed her story and helped make it go viral with over 15,000 shares.

September 11, 2018. fictim Emily Lyons is being charged with filing a false report. She is due in court in October. Highly likely she will be ordered to receive mental evaluation and that will be the end of it. Thanks to our pussy-pass culture.

LMPD warned people to "be cautious when getting information about public safety from social media posts." Stay tuned for updates if any

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