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Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas. Social media hoaxer upgrades herself to fake robbery complainant in a police report, to keep her easy-earned victimhood attention rolling. Well, her racist victimhood rolled her all the way to county jail

January 21, 2020. Cleburne police received calls from concerned citizens about a social media post alleging an aggravated robbery at Walmart, according to CPD (Cleburne Police Department).

The post by Dovie Cheyann Mosher was made on multiple community pages alleging that as she attempted to put her baby in her car, a “skinny black guy” approached her from behind, held a gun to her back, demanded money, and ordered her to leave her baby behind and go with him.

Dovie Mosher claimed she fought back and in retaliation was punched in the cheek by the man. She also claimed the incident was captured on the Wallmart surveillance video and that she contacted both the Wallmart management and the police who started investigating and also already issued “a hit out” for the suspect and his vehicle.

However, police say Dovie Mosher did not actually contact them until they sent her a message in an attempt to check if she was fine, and that was 5 hours later. Due to how far her hoax went, Dovie Cheyann Mosher eventually went to police headquarters and filed a report that reflected the hoax in its entirety.

Following the official complaint, Police reached out to the Wallmart Management who denied having been contacted by Dovie. Further investigation revealed there was a CPD officer at Walmart at the time of the alleged incident but he too saw nothing. After an extensive review of surveillance video footage, interviews with store employees and other potential witnesses, nothing could corroborate Dovie Mosher's claims. She herself was interviewed again during the investigation but the perpetual liar stood by her hoax, re-inventing it over and over again all the way to the end. Eventually, a warrant was issued for her.

January 30, 2020. 19-year-old Dovie Cheyann Mosher was arrested on Class B misdemeanor warrant for making a false report to a peace officer and booked into the Johnson County Jail. No information on bond but it is likely she will be released on Personal Recognizance. Watch this space.

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