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Rogersville, Hawkins County, Tennessee. Attempted fictimhood is fictimhood. Woman repeatedly calls cops during a mere verbal argument with her boyfriend. With flawed logic, she can't seem to make up her mind what false allegations to make against the innocent man so she rather avoids the police. Eventually she herself is arrested.

January 24, 2020. Morning. Jessica Daniel Bandy called 911 and reported that she "needed help", according to Hawkins County police blotter. As the dispatcher heard a males voice at the background of the call, it was (in law-enforcement practice and in the norms of our society) presumed that the woman is under distress. And so a Deputy responded to the location, knocked on doors but couldn’t find the caller.

Less than 2 hours later, the same Jessica Bandy called again. This time, the dispatcher was able to get a specific address and again, he knocked on doors but didn’t find the caller. However, due to concerns for the female, he returned to the same address within an hour and finally found Jessica Bandy who told him she’d been arguing with her boyfriend and thought that calling 911 was a way to defuse the situation. She further claims she never intended to speak to police and that both times the Deputy knocked at the door, she refused to answer in hopes that he would “go away.”

January 27, 2020. Having been charged with the misuse of the 911 emergency system, 34-year-old Jessica Daniel Bandy was arraigned in the Sessions Court and is expected to be back to face a judge next month.

This is another case of exploiting the victimhood option in a very trivial situation. Jessica's boyfriend is not known to be a physically abusive person. It is not that she called 911 in anticipation of physical violence against herself. She simply called because she has been indoctrinated via feminists and political rhetoric that as a woman in a heterosexual relationship, she's more likely enduring some kind of victimhood than not. And beyond that, she has been afforded the options and incentivized channels to be so at the expense of our taxes. How much is too much? watch this space.

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