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Darren Francis Delaossa

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Added: Jan 30, 2020  

Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin. StartByBelieving LGBT racist Pride member who couldn't contain his glutton for victimhood. No, he doesn't set fire to his house unlike the other one here did, but his fake assault and robbery report in the vicinity of younger people implies the type of fishiness that may set your mind on the word: "hook."

January 29, 2020. Evening. University of Wisconsin. UWPD police responded to the reported strong-armed robbery at a bus stop near the Nielsen Tennis Stadium. Darren Francis DeLaossa told them that a man approached him, hit him, and took off with his cellphone and wallet. He provided UWPD with a detailed description of the suspect: “black male in his mid-20s with a thin to medium build, approximately 5’9” and 180lbs, with a full, scruffy beard and short black hair. He was wearing a tan shirt, a black hoodie, blue shoes, and blue jeans.”

Due to the reported crime meeting the threshold of a federally mandated community notification, Police issued a warning alert to the campus community while the investigation continued. UWPD deployed a K9 unit for tracking the scent of the suspect, interviewed potential witnesses and reviewed surveillance footage from the area.

However, after all the fuss, police investigation revealed that the mugging never happened. Yet another campus hoax. The only difference is this time it's concocted by Darren Delaossa, someone with no affiliation whatsoever with UW-Madison.

January 30, 2020. 57-year-old Darren Francis DeLaOssa was arrested on charges of obstructing justice. For some mysterious reason, they didn't charge him with falsely reporting a crime, which is why we as taxpaying members of the public have a right to speculate the actual events.

Speculation 1: The detailed description of the male Darren gave police matched the target in his fantasies.

Speculation 2: The false victimhood report was made to get the attention of a male student (or someone else associated with UW-Madison) whom Darren Delaossa is desperately interested in.

It is not uncommon for gay/cis men to hook up with young students but law-enforcement will never mention what danger that entails. Now, imagine a 57-year-old man with an obsession for young girls hanging around the same campus. He would be charged with more than just "obstruction." That's one sign that heterosexual-related "offenses" are afforded less leniency than queer counterparts, to say the least. Watch this space

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