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Added: Jan 31, 2020  

Monroeville, Allen County, Indiana. While it was already hard enough that people within families regularly make false reports of child abuse, what do you know? empowered people entrusted with the authority to make better judgments even worsen the problem by making multiple false reports. This is not an isolated case.

April 02, 2018. After having worked for the Department of Child Services for more than 2 years, Family Case Manager Melisa D. Casteel (AKA Melissa Castell), as well as others, came under scrutiny by a new Supervisor transferred to Allen County DCS a week earlier.

Files were opened, cases were reviewed. Behold it was discovered that on numerous occasions, Melisa did not fulfill her obligation to meet face-to-face with the families and "her kids". To cover up her inadequacies, she made false reports some of which indicated neglect or abuse on the children, likely copy-pasted from other reports and with inconsistent dates.

September 03, 2018. Melisa Casteel was fired from DCS and remained under investigation.

3 months later, in an interview with an investigator, Melisa Casteel maintained that she saw all "her children" every month. Confronted with obvious discrepancies she eventually admitted that several scheduled visits had not occurred. The investigation continued... until ...

January 31, 2020. 39-year-old Melisa Casteel was detained on multiple charges of obstruction of justice, official misconduct of a public servant and falsifying child abuse or neglect records during her time in DCS. She was released on her personal recognizance and expected to be arraigned later this month.

This is hardly an isolated incident. It happens frequently all across this country. See a recent one below.

Did you even know the implication of the government watching you and your child so extensively? Did you even know you no longer have any right to discipline your own child? did you know that no matter how docile and compliant you are with the DCS's policies, some irresponsible child-worker may just make a false report against you that ruins everything? And what happens next, the government simply sends you to jail and takes away your child based on those lies. If this society is not scary for you, then you're either too brave or too asleep. Watch this space

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