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Nashville, Sevier County, Arkansas. Phoney traffic stop by fake cop. Keyword: "fake", and the fake one here is racist Casey Parker - the false reporter, the fantasist, the prankster, the attention seeker. As you can see here, this is not a new type of fictimhood but the motive on this one is frankly annoying, especially coming from a 30+-year-old.

February 03, 2020. fictim Casey Parker (AKA Casey Renee Parker, Casey Hankins) filed a report with the Sevier County sheriff’s office stating she was pulled over by a cop impersonator. She described the fake cop as a “black male driving a white Chevrolet Impala or Malibu," according to a police statement release.

Casey Parker told deputies that at approximately 7:50 p.m., a car with flashing blue lights pulled over her car on a highway. She alleged that the African-American cop impersonator got out of his vehicle and approached her's, knocked on her window and told her that he stopped her over a turn signal violation. She alleged she responded by telling him that she would contact her relative who works with PD, to confirm if she committed any offense. At that point, Casey alleged, the man told her not to call anyone and left the scene telling her to "have a nice night"

As serious as it seems to sound, multiple officers from several law enforcement agencies responded to the hoax, including Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Highway Police and the 9th West Judicial Drug Task Force, De Queen Police Department (DQPD), Howard County and Little River County Sheriff Departments. As you can imagine, the hunt for a black cop impersonator was more intense than the effort to validate the veracity of Casey's claims. Either way, that's your taxes going down the drain.

The next day, investigators received tips suggesting that Casey “made the story up as a prank,” according to a report by ArkansasOnline. That brought an end to the wastage of your tax, at least in this case.

February 04, 2020. 31-year-old Casey Parker was arrested and charged with one count of filing a false police report which is a Class D felony. She was booked in the Sevier County jail with her bond yet to be determined. Watch this space

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