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Added: Feb 4, 2020  

Burlington, Boone County, Kentucky. Inspired by a culture of 'heroic victimhood', another woman strikes with fake attempted child abduction via social media. If you saw here , here , here , here etc, then this one shouldn't surprise you. However, the racist excuse Halie Snyder gave for her malicious tax-wasting mendaciousness is ridiculous to say the least. Hold that thought!

January 28, 2020. A Social media post originated from Halie Snyder claimed that a man attempted to abduct her child while she was in a store with the child.

January 30, 2020. As the post became increasingly shared, law enforcement's attention was drawn to it and so was Halie Snyder's feeling of pressure to make her lies official. And so she did take to the Boone County Sheriff’s Office and reported that while she and her son had been shopping in a store at about 7:45 p.m. on January 28, a man followed her around and attempted “to grab her son by the arm as they were exiting an aisle,” according to a post by the Sheriff’s Office. Halie Snyder claimed that she reacted by grabbing her son and running to a store clerk to report the incident, after which the store employees looked for the man but could not locate him as he had already left the store.

Following the report as well as a "multitude of phone calls and social media inquiries about the allegation," an investigation was launched. The store management was fully co-operative with the investigation and detectives worked closely with the store, reviewing hours of video surveillance, according to the Burlington Police Department. However, the surveillance footage did not match Halie Snyder's reported series of events but it was too early to raise a red flag.

January 31, 2020. Given the discrepancies, Halie Snyder was interviewed by detectives but she maintained that she was the victim of attempted child abduction as she reported. Diehard fictim!

February 01, 2020. Detectives again obtained and compared the store's video footage with Halie Snyder's statement but found no correlation between the two. It was discovered that the alleged perpetrator at no time ever acted suspicious in the store and he never tried to grab Halie Snyder’s son.

Confronted with the discrepancies between her statement and the revelation from the surveillance footage, Halie Snyder apologized to detectives claiming that she was scared of the man but could not specifically tell why. However, anyone with a shred of common sense can tell why. Hold that thought!

February 04, 2020. For persistently attempting to destroy an innocent man's life, 26-year-old Halie Snyder was served with a criminal summons charging her with a mere misdemeanor for falsely reporting an incident. Imagine if there was no surveillance footage, what the accused man would have been prosecuted for. NOT a misdemeanor for sure.

The Excuse/Motive of "Fear"

Although it is obvious that a social media post Halie Snyder initially made for attention became bigger than she could manage as a source of prank-earned attention and comfort, and so she had to play along with the societal stupidity of believing women and taking everything so seriously. Under the pressure of her own lies, Halie Snyder provided detectives with an excuse that she was "scared" of the man who didn't do so much as approach her let alone present her with a reason to feel threatened. This excuse is just as absurd as our modern western values' assumed high-level of emotional fragility by which mainstream fake victimology culture evolved in the first place. The same assumed emotional fragility is exactly why Halie Snyder is already afforded disproportional femicentric leniency (AKA pussy pass) for potentially destroying an innocent man's life. You wouldn't be wrong to be appalled at the fact that equality-mongers have no issue with this, even if it was racially motivated.

In an era when women are increasingly encouraged to behave like men while at the same time rhetorics like "kill all men" are flaunted by Feminists heavily funded to infect potentially healthy-minded heterosexual female humans with not just an artificial man-hating mindset, but in dykish proportions; "I was scared of him." Imagine if women get armed and start shooting down men in public based on mostly false hysteric intuition of being in danger by men who do nothing but exist. If "being scared" is not enough excuse to keep them in the kitchen but yet remains an acceptable excuse to do something extreme against a men out in public, just imagine how far this could go. And the dykish snakes calling the shots for hate between natural binary genders won't stop until straight men and women wake-up, man-up, woman-up and begin to retaliate against the system. And given how far the anti-nature indoctrination has already gone, if that time ever comes, it will be too late for everyone. Watch this space!

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