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Kallang, Singapore. Domestic worker scolded for poor performance decides to create attention on her sexuality in an attempt to change her employer. Candra Yunita takes to the Authorities and falsely claims that her boss's husband sexually abused her but it didn't take long for the truth to catch up. Deja Vu here and, as usual, a rape liar is afforded leniency via pussy pass.

A bit of background to this story. In June 2017, a Singaporean couple hired Indonesian maid Candra Yunita to help care for their children, including their special needs daughter. But Candra's poor performance allegedly attracted chastisement from her employers. Even worse, on several occasions the couple's most vulnerable daughter had been injured under Candra's watch. However, even with these frictions, Candra continued to serve and even requested her employers to extend her contract for the renewal of her work permit. On May 25, 2019, after her employers had honored her request, Candra Yunita went to Indonesia for a holiday, came back on June 26, 2019, and continued working for the same couple for about a month. What happened next is most likely derived from the pages of the 'Book of MeToo' art of cuntworthism.

July 26, 2019. Indo maid Candra Yunita walked into the MOM (Ministry of Manpower) Office requesting to change her employer. Reason? she proceeded to claim she had been sexually assaulted. Following the allegations, Candra Yunita was assigned a special investigator to whom she narrated that her male employer had "forced her to perform oral sex on him" at least four times between late 2017 and September 2018. Due to the criminal elements in her allegations, the MOM investigator referred the case to the police.

On the same day, in an interview with the police, Candra Yunita detailed the most recent alleged incident (which allegedly happened in September 2018) including what the accused male employer was wearing, the comments he was making while allegedly assaulting her, how long he took to cum, etc. She also claimed that her prior sexual experiences with him were similar.

Why did she wait as long as 10 months before reporting the "sexual assault"? police asked and Candra responded that she was scared her employer would report the earlier incidents where the children got injured under her care.

When asked why she did not report it as soon as she came back from Indonesia, she replied that because she had "missed the children" so she waited a month before deciding to run away and report, and that she "wanted justice," according to court documents.

Following the report, the accused husband of her employer was invited into the police station for questioning. He showed up but denied all wrong-doing and revealed that he and his wife had scolded Candra Yunita several times due to her poor performance. He also accepted to take a polygraphic test.

August 05, 2019. In a follow-up interview with detectives, Candra Yunita confessed she had lied about the rape because her employer's husband had scolded her and threatened to report her to the police. This confession came as police were already closing in on the truth anyway.

February 06, 2020. After pleading guilty to one of two counts of giving false information to a public servant, 32-year-old Candra Yunita was sentenced to a lenient four weeks in jail.

Candra Yunita had said she "wanted justice" but this is far from it. For providing false information to a public servant, Candra could have been jailed for up to a year and also fined up to SD$5,000, as prescribed by the law of Singapore. This means, via pussy pass, Candra Yunita is getting less than 10% of the punishment she deserves. Tell me again about "justice" and "equality".

Another thing safe to note here is that Indonesian maids, in particular, make up the highest percentage of domestic workers who falsely cry rape in Singapore. If you're a male employer considering to hire your next maid, be aware that there are other options. Watch this space.

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