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Jane Doe of Opelika

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Added: Feb 28, 2020  

Opelika, Lee County, Alabama. Another teen fibster seeks sexual attention by reporting fake sexual assault on herself by a phoney cop. This combo fictimhood (foul victimhood) is an upgrade to the regular phoney cop hoaxes we're used to here.

February 19, 2020. While news-hungry people across the globe were looking for updates on the CoronaVirus pandemic and how to stay safe, a female teen prankster decided that her own sexuality should be the breaking news. She called 911 and reported that she was assaulted by a man impersonating a police officer. When police arrived, she gave details of the man, his uniform and details of the sexual assault.

Following the report, an investigation was launched, detectives recreated the reported series of events with the aid of surveillance footage from multiple sources within the area. However, nothing corroborated the teen prankster's reported crime. When confronted with the evidence, the skank fictim recanted her story and confessed that she lied about the entire indcident. There was no phoney cop, and no sexual assault.

So, why did she lie? The Opelika Police Department (OPD) is yet to determine a motive for the prank, but teens don't need a motive to lie, do they? It's simply fun to see adults run around chasing shadows. More so, female teens who have experienced puberty cannot wait to be sexualized. That's why they'll do anything to either call attention to their sexual maturity or to see a reaction to their sexuality, and making false rape reports is unfortunately not off their afforded options. Therefore, do not let any mainstream "experts" rob you of your common sense by telling you it is "rare", "strange", caused by "mental disorder" or something. This is instinctive to young females and it's about attention. That means every other female teen out there has similar tendencies to do the same, especially given the current climate which encourages victimhood and exalts acclaimed so-called female victims.

February 28, 2020. The OPD said criminal charges, in this case, are yet to be determined. You bet, that's the end of it.

Food for Thought

Since we're experiencing a spike in the number of female teens falsely reporting sexual assaults especially in the western world, what do you think is the best way to prevent the MeToo epidemic from continuing to stoop so low? Share your thoughts with us here.

Since the reported victim in the case is a minor, no further details will be given about the investigation or the outcome

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