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Brittany Derr

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Added: Mar 2, 2020  

Seneca Falls, Seneca County, New York. Woman attacks an acquaintance with a false police report of sexual assault. Even though her felony crime allegation would have potentially landed the falsely accused person in jail for a very long time, Brittany Derr only gets an appearance ticket, not even a booking.

February 25, 2020. Brittany A. Derr who came in from Fayette (another town in Seneca County), took to the Seneca Falls police and reported that she was sexually assaulted in Seneca Falls Town by man.

An investigation was opened into the reported assault, but within a week, officers gathered facts that disputed the fictim's claims.

March 02, 2020. 23-year-old Brittany Derr was charged with third-degree False Reporting and making a punishable false written statement. She was issued an appearance ticket for the Centralized Arraignment Part (CAP) Court later in March 2020.

Brittany Derr is not new to legal troubles. In November 2016, she was arrested for choking the shit out of a female bus driver the previous month. Even with that violent record, Brittany will still be afforded the utmost pussy pass leniency. Brace yourselves folks for the forth-coming injustice.

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