Tiffany Robinson-Clarke

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Moravia, Cayuga County, New York. You gave me a ticket so you must be racist. Or at least that was the thought process of fictim Tiffany Robinson-Clarke, who phoned in with a false report of traffic stop racism. She really should have hung up the phone though.

January 29, 2017. Moravia. A black woman was stopped by a state trooper for a minor traffic violation and issued with a ticket. Nothing strange about that. But not twenty-four hours later, Tiffany Robinson-Clarke called up the State Police to falsely report that the trooper had used racial slurs during the encounter and demand that he be fired. She told police that she had been on the phone to her husband, who was imprisoned at Cayuga Correctional Facility, during the entire conversation, including the alleged use of the n-word. However, she didn't realize that all phone conversations into the prison are recorded, and the officer was soon cleared of all charges of racism

May 03, 2017. Hayden Court .The New York State Police reported that 36-year-old Tiffany Robinson-Clarke had been arrested the previous day and charged with falsely swearing to a written statement and falsely reporting an incident. She was released on a $500 bail.
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