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Dawn Diane Kinch

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Added: Mar 9, 2020  

Franklin, Venango County, Pennsylvania. The Dawn of Fake Victimhood. Another sexually unassailable rape fantasist is taken seriously when she makes a false rape report against a man who dared to endure a romantic experience with her. As usual, something/someone else is to blame for Dawn Kinch's ploy for sexual relevance. Deja vu here just a month ago.

Februrary 16, 2020. While the rest of the world worried about the spread of the novel coronavirus (CoVID-19), there was a man with supposedly bigger worries - the spread of a false rape allegation against him made by Dawn Diane Kinch. She had taken to the Franklin Police Department and reported that he raped her earlier in the month.

Consequently, a police investigation was launched against the man and he was interrogated over the matter. He admitted having sex with Dawn Kinch but reiterated that it was consensual. While police were digging for evidence, we were digging for clues to Dawn Kinch's motive(s). And behold we found something. The falsely accused man had some kind of a relationship with her which did not seem to work, and he moved on. From that point, Dawn Kinch has made efforts to make him miss her and even went as far as trying to get him jealous of another man whom she claimed to have a new relationship with. When all those stunts had failed, she declared herself a victim of "rape" that never happened. Deja Vu here.

February 24, 2020. Having obtained conflicting accounts of the reported incident, a Franklin Patrol Officer met with Dawn Kinch and interviewed her about the rape allegation. This time, Dawn Kinch confessed that she had fabricated the rape and that "the sex was consensual". The patrol officer obtained her confession in a written statement but did not arrest the fictim (false victim).

February 28, 2020. Charges were filed against 34-year-old Dawn Diane Kinch on Misdemeanor Unsworn Falsification to Authorities, and Misdemeanor False Reporting – to Falsely Incriminate Another.

March 09, 2020. fictim Dawn Kinch was arraigned on the charges and issued a next court date for the beginning of next month. After she realized the false rape case against her was moving forward, Dawn Kinch took to social media to blame someone else.

Strong words. It is unclear what role Aunti Lori Kinch played in the fake rape saga, but from the fictim's tone we can speculate Dawn must have been encouraged and/or assured by Aunty Lori that a false rape allegation was the risk-free way to go. As the two mendacious pussy-bearers locked horns in their newfound blame-game rivalry, What do you know? Dawn Kinch's next court date was set for April Fools Day. Watch this space

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