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Added: May 20, 2019  

Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. OK is not OK. Baseball player turned news anchor realises that a fan did the OK hand sign behind him, gets him banned for flashing a "white power" sign. Amazing how an innocent gesture can be twisted by the claws of libtardism.

May 07, 2019. Wrigley Field. During a live broadcast of the baseball game between the Miami Marlins and the Chicago Cubs, a fan appeared to start playing the so-called circle game in the background. Unfortunately for him, the reporter from NBC Sports was none other than former baseball player Doug Glanville, and social media users were quick to claim that it was in fact the OK hand sign, which had recently become a symbol of white supremacy, according to the media.

May 08, 2019. The Chicago Cubs announced that the fan had been identified and banned from Wrigley Field for his oh-so-racist behavior. Comments from Doug Glanville, the fictim in question, stated that the team were right to ban this completely innocent man, claiming that the team's president Theo Epstein had "displayed sensitivity to how the implications of this would affect me as a person of color.” Oh yes, you poor, poor, victimised man.

Here we see yet another case of false victimhood getting in the way of common sense, resulting in an innocent man being punished. While Doug Glanville did not personally make any allegations, his support for the action taken and assertion that this was indeed a racist action more than earns him a spot in the Fictimhood Hall of Fame.

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