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Daniel Davis

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Added: Jun 6, 2020  

Victorville, San Bernardino County, California. White supremacist eager to see police kill more African Americans during the anti-racism protest, decides to hurt himself, and report hate crime against himself by armed "black males". Poor Daniel Davis, it didn't go as planned.

June 02, 2020. Night. Deputies responded to the report of an assault with a deadly weapon at Victor Valley Hospital where the alleged victim Daniel Davis was being treated for facial and body injuries, according to a report by Victor Valley News. Daniel told deputies that while he was driving on Old Woman Springs Road in Johnson Valley, two vehicles cornered his car, forcing him off the highway after which “two black males wearing masks confronted him, vandalized his vehicle, and slashed him with razor blade knives while yelling racial slurs,” according to a news release by the Sheriff's office

June 03, 2020. During an investigation by Morongo Basin detectives, the allegations made against the two alleged suspects were determined to be fabricated. “Davis had concocted the entire incident for personal reasons, damaging his own vehicle, and caused the injuries upon his own person,” an official from the Sheriff's department said.

What "personal reasons"? was Daniel Davis envious of the African American struggle and simply craved a slice of the hate crime victimhood attention pie? or was he looking to do real damage to black people? that can be easily figured out through how far he went, seriously injuring himself and vandalizing his own vehicle to make the false report. Fortunately, this one failed.

Charges are currently being awaited from the District Attorney’s Office. Meanwhile, an arrest warrant has been issued for 25-year-old Daniel Davis, of Hesperia, for falsely reporting the assault and hate crime to law enforcement. Watch this space

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