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Elizabeth Ward

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Added: May 31, 2020  

Leicester City, Leicestershire. Behold a new miracle as woman turns water into tears. The Fictimhood-addicted hag targets a mentally disabled man, even pouring water in her eyes as fake tears. Yet another example of our victim-centered culture giving women who lie a pussy-pass at their sentencing.

July 2017. False victim Elizabeth Ward went to the police to accuse a 22-year-old acquaintance with mental problems of raping her at a club. Despite being aware that Ward had made previous accusations against the victim, police decided to investigate.

However, CCTV footage from the club showed Ward splashing water into her eyes, reportedly to appear as though she had been crying, before leaving without being raped.

May 31, 2020. After an almost three-year delay in bringing the fictim to court, 30-year-old Elizabeth Ward was sentenced to nine months in prison, suspended for two years, and a restraining order was issued on behalf of her male victim.

The presiding judge, Nicholas Dean, said of the fictim: "These matters arise from the vulnerabilities of Miss Ward. I think there's some understanding on her part, that to report something that's untrue is a serious matter, but it's not a malignly motivated false report.

"She understands what she did was wrong and there's culpability, although at a lower level than it would be in many other cases."

Leicestershire Live reports that the fictim has made several attempts at suicide during her time in custody. She is also medicated for asthma and epilepsy and there are concerns about how she would cope in prison. To paraphrase Eartha Kitt: "You really should have thought of that before you became a fictim."

On the part of the real victim in this story, the special needs man who had been falsely accused for the fourth time by Elizabeth Ward, he felt "angry and frustrated" at being repeatedly falsely accused of serious offending, his father said in a statement. Due to his learning difficulties, he was not easily convinced that his side of the story was being believed rather than that of the habitual rape liar - Elizabeth Ward.

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