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LeAnn Bailey Blair Schlicher

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Updated: Jul 7, 2020  

Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas. Female Detention Deputy on a mission to get Male Detention Deputy detained. What better way than to play the gender card with a false sexual assault report against her colleague. We saw similar ploy here, the fakery backfires even though it took almost 4 years to finally arrest her, and not for the right reasons. But even then, she's released without charge.

December 28, 2016. Just a year on the job, Detention Deputy LeAnn Bailey Blair Schlicher thought life was too boring without the hysteric drama of destroying a man's career. So, she took to her superiors and filled a sexual assault claim against a male colleague she reportedly had an unofficial affair with. The move against the male was likely made for not handling their unethical workplace relationship to her complete satisfaction.

Following the report, however, the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office conducted a full criminal investigation lasting for weeks. The findings were eventually submitted in a report to the District Attorney’s Office but no charges were filed by the DA. Consequently, a Professional Standards Internal Investigation was conducted resulting in both deputies (the female accuser and male accused) receiving disciplinary action for violating the Code of Conduct policies. However, the discipline against the coworkers had nothing to do with the female's false sexual assault allegation which was swept under the rug as if nothing happened, until...

June 23, 2020. Following her 2020 Application to be commissioned as a Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Deputy, LeAnn Schlicher was interviewed by a background investigator as a part of the hiring process. During the interview, her 2016 sexual assault allegation came up and she confessed that was a false report.

June 25, 2020. Having admitted to interfering with Law Enforcement by making the False Report, a new felony criminal investigation was launched against LeAnn Schlicher under K.S.A 21-5904.

June 26, 2020. 27-year-old LeAnn Bailey Blair Schlicher of Derby was booked into the Sedgwick County Detention Facility. She was also fired from the job in the process. Karma is a B***h.

The Sedgwick County Sheriff took to the press and called LeAnn Schlicher a "fictim", rightly so. I kid you not, take a listen:

Besides pussy-pass prevailing for almost four years before justice came this close, there are two disturbing aspects of this story:

1) As the Sheriff said, LeAnn Schlicher was investigated and charged only because she had confessed, and because he wants to show the citizens that they don't protect their bad eggs. Apparently, the wrong reasons to serve justice.

2) A source from within the LeAnn Schlicher's department has informed us there is another female acquaintance of LeAnn who made similar false sexual assault allegations against a male deputy. She too was never charged. It makes one wonder how frequently this happens. Remember this is Kansas where Law Enforcement is now being trained on "Trauma-informed" methods of handling sexual assault cases, which means to believe anything the "sexual assault victim" says. We can attribute this triumph of mendaciousness to none other than our famous University of Kansas rape liar who had her charges dropped last year.

-- Update --

July 07, 2020. Pussy pass extended. Just like we knew would happen, Sedgwick County Sheriff said prosecutors have decided not to file criminal charges against LeAnn Schlicher, according to a report by Sedgwick County District Attorney reportedly confirmed in an email that he looked at the case and "after reviewing the allegations, determined that criminal charges were not warranted.“

Welcome to Kansas, the epicenter of trauma-informed feminocentrism infecting the justice system. The epidemic of false rape and sexual assault reporting is apparently moving into a new more disturbing phase where common sense is being considered a bigger crime than false reporting. Watch this space.

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