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Jesus Roque Maldonado

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Added: Jun 25, 2020  

La Grange, Cook County, Illinois. The wrong Jesus lies about being robbed by a black man, to cover-up his wenching habits from his wife. But he doesn't get crucified for it. In fact, police give us the wrong reason for charging him with False Reporting. These people never learn.

June 19, 2020. While protests around the world intensified against racism in the wake of the George Floyd killing by white police, Jesus Roque Maldonado thought the best way to make an excuse to his family for being in the wrong city is yet another false report against a "black man". The irresponsible Jesus takes to La Grange police and reports that while he waited out the traffic lights, a possibly armed black man stopped behind him, got out and demanded his cellphone.

Following the report, as usual, police 'believed the victim', put out an alert to the public to beware of an armed and dangerous African American man fitting the description Jesus gave them.

However, police soon noticed inconsistencies in timestamps relating to the reported incident. They asked Jesus why he waited 20 minutes to call the police. He replied that he didn't have a phone at that time and adjusted his story several times. Police, however, continued to scan for surveillance footage to collaborate the reported incident but there was nothing - no video, no witness, no clue. But they discovered that Jesus had been in Chicago on the same morning of the reported incident.

June 23, 2020. After a lengthy investigation and finding nothing to corroborate Jesus's claims, police interviewed the fictim again. This time, Jesus Maldonado confessed that he wanted an excuse to cover-up the fact that he had been in Chicago because his normal commuting route to work is La Grange. "He couldn't explain to other family members what he was doing in Chicago," the Police Chief said, according to a report by La Grange Patch.

Jesus confessed in another account that he went to Chicago to meet a prostitute he had texted. When he arrived at the house, there was a gun-wielding man who approached him demanded his phone and money, police said. Jesus gave his phone, passcode, and $80 in cash. He was never in La Grange during the time of the reported incident and he didn't want his wife to know.

June 24, 2020. La Grange police released a statement that 47-year old Jesus Roque Maldonado was taken into custody on a charge of filing a false police report.

The disappointing part is - Police said they charged the man because the investigation required hours of staff time, nothing to do with the racist nature of his false reporting and given the anti-racism protests around the country with a particular focus the issue of unnecessary deadly force used by police against African American men suspected of a crime. Jesus's false report had the potential to produce such an outcome of deadly force against an innocent black man. But that racist element was not in their reasoning in determining a deterrent punishment for Jesus. Shame on this Jesus and shame on La Grange Police.

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