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Montclair, Essex County, New Jersey. Drama Queen dyke dubbed 'Permit Karen' blatantly positions herself as the latest threat to racial equality. Even with the on-going nationwide BLM protests, Susan Schulz trespasses on her African American neighbors' property, harasses the black couple, then calls 911 to falsely report that she was assaulted by them. Unfortunately for her, not only did her white neighbors who witnessed the incident refuse to play along with her seeming heterophobic racism, a group of anti-racism protesters took to her street to make it clear that racists will not be tolerated in the area, giving her the first-ever social dose of The Karen Karma. But she has not been charged with a crime.

June 28, 2020. During the nationwide protest against racism and racial injustice, Susan G. Schulz was feeling irritated by the sight of black neighbors living not far enough from her and further having the guts to build a stone patio in their own yard. Unable to contain her racial intolerance, Susan of 40 Marion Road headed for the parallel street to confront her black neighbors. Her most civilized idea was to claim that a permit was needed for building a patio in Montclair and asked to see the permit. But when the Township Office was contacted on the issue, they informed the couple that no permit was needed for a patio of that size. Bear in mind that Susan Schulz is neither an Estate Standards Inspector nor a Law Enforcement Officer. She is just a neighbor who happens to work with the Toxics Compliance Section of the EPA, at least according to her Twitter profile.

The black neighbors were not going to be pushed around by Permit Karen anymore, so they asked her to leave their property. That is when Susan Schulz switched to Plan B to sustain the drama and pressure on the black couple. She reportedly came back to the door of the black couple. This time, as expected, the couple were not so nice to her. They yelled her out of their property. Then, from the street, drama-stricken Susan Schulz continued in 'Karen Rain Dance' mode while the wife among the couple started filming her. With great determination to see the black couple killed by police, Susan Schulz called 911 and reported that the black couple assaulted her.

As you can see from the video, 'Permit Karen' tries to get other white women around to play her cards but none of them would gang up with her to corroborate her false allegation of assault against the black neighbors. When police arrived, neither side filed a report and the false 911 caller was not charged with any crime.

June 30, 2020. Almost 50 Montclair residents took to Marion Road protesting with chants like "Hey Hey Ho Ho, your racism has got to go." and holding up signs like "White Entitlement is Violence". They also left chalk messages in the street reading "Black Lives Matter" and "NotHere." However, Susan Schulz continues to live on 40 Marion Road and is listed online as one of the three owners of the property.

Whether Susan G. Schulz will also lose her job at the EPA let alone be charged with a crime is unlikely but remains to be seen. As usual, when it comes to racially motivated crimes against black people, things become complicated. Some amendments to laws/statutes may be required before Permit Karen's action is considered to be a crime. Meanwhile, good citizens do what they can to discourage racism and seek justice. We stumbled upon such a citizen, Alyssa Burrow, who started a petition here for 500 signatures aimed at giving Permit Karen what she deserves. Slamming Permit Karen here is also a way to garner support for action against her. Slam her here and watch this space.
LETTER TO The Essex County Prosecutor - Theodore Stephens II

Dear Prosecutor,

The epidemic of police brutality against African Americans is now more factually established even in historical context. A black man is 6 times more likely to be killed by police than a white man, according to a research report by Havard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and 5 times more likely to be arrested than a white person, according to a nationwide analysis by ABC. Racially motivated 911 calls especially for minor misunderstandings are often either premeditated or spontaneous but in all cases intended to cause maximum harm to the target.

The people who make these calls are most often white, like Amy Cooper, and fully aware of the potential implications of their actions on the colored person/people as well as their own lack of culpability for making the calls. Calling 911 has increasingly become the weapon of choice by the racially privileged, in lieu of tolerance. Multiple incidents of black people dead in the hands of police officers started with responding to a 911 call by someone like Susan Schulz, including 12-year-old Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Laquan McDonald, and George Floyd.

According to your own beautifully written opinion on "Grand juries work, even for Black and brown communities" published on just a day after the "Permit Karen" incident: "In the wake of the tragic death of George Floyd, all of us in law enforcement recognize this is a moment in which we must look critically at the criminal justice system, particularly in reference to how African Americans and other minorities are treated"

Evidently, you are aware of the problem. However, in as much as African Americans deserve to be treated fairly by the justice system, they also deserve equal protection by it. The protests across the country including the one held against Permit Karen on Marion Road are a clear indication that African Americans and other people of color are tired of speeches by people in the position of authority who continue to speak eloquently, racial incident after racial incident, while the problem remains. It is time for action and the action demanded of you sir, by the people of Essex County, is to charge Susan G. Schulz with one, more or all of the following crimes which video evidence indicates or at least suggests she committed:

1. False Reporting
2. Making false statements
3. Trespassing
4. Harassment
5. Hate Crime against people of color
6. Hate crime against a heterosexual couple

The people of New Jersey and particularly Essex County have made it clear that we will no longer tolerate racism and racist people who continue to weaponize law enforcement to serve their violent motivations against people of color. Dear prosecutor, for justice sake, set an example and prosecute Susan Schulz with the same resources, and with the same gravity as you would have prosecuted anyone else for Hate crime.

Thank you for your positive attention to the voice of the people.

CAFA Signed | July 2nd, 2020.
Community Against False Allegations

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