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Gladys Estelle Townsend

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Added: Jul 1, 2020  

Powhatan, Powhatan County, Virginia. Racist hag takes out a bad day on an imaginary black couple. Your taxes go down the drain while a false narrative against a whole race of people persists. Fortunately, she's charged with Filing a False Report.

June 30, 2020. While we were wrapping our minds around the Permit Karen incident here, there was Gladys Townsend who told police a Black couple assaulted her on the street. She said she did not know her assailants but gave deputies a description of the African American man, the woman, and their vehicle.

An investigation was launched which determined that no assault occurred. When she was interviewed again, Gladys Townsend confessed to concocting the incident. An official motive was not provided, not that it matters, but the fictim is apparently racist who hoped police will go shoot some random BLM protesters. In other words, a race warmonger.

July 01, 2020. 63-year-old Gladys Estelle Townsend was charged with filing a false report.

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