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Ryan Lawson

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Added: Jul 1, 2020  

New Scotland, Albany County, New York. A wrong corrections officer avoiding responsibilities of cost expresses a lust for the valor of victimhood. So it seems, Ryan Lawson decides to use what would be a normal incident within the family to proclaim himself a victim. In any case, it was a fail.

June 27, 2020. Corrections Officer, Ryan Lawson, called the authorities and complained that while he and his wife were watching TV, an unknown person opened the front door of his Crow Ridge Road home and threw in a lit firework. He alleged that the firework set the rug on fire which was eventually extinguished by him and his wife using pillows.

However, an investigation revealed that the firework was lit from within his house by his own family member. The Albany County Sheriff did not provide any details as to Ryan Lawson's possible motive for the false reporting but we can safely speculate that it may be related to avoiding responsibilities for the cost of the damage.

July 01, 2020. The Albany County Sheriff’s Office released a statement confirming the arrest of 30-year-old Ryan Lawson for falsely reporting an incident.

Question: How does such an incorrect person get to be a 'corrections officer'? Watch this space.

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