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Rome, Floyd County, Georgia. fictim Cheryl Stewart falsely claimed that a white man came to Georgia State Patrol post, pulled out a handgun and threatened to kill her.

May 23, 2018. Patrol officers met with Cheryl Lisa Stewart who was manning a Georgia State Patrol Barracks located on Martha Berry Highway, whereupon, she reported that a white male wearing dark clothing entered the barracks building of the post, pulled out a firearm and threatened to kill her.

Following the report, the whole Armuchee community was plunged into panic, schools were shut down, recreation league games at the North Floyd Park were canceled. Floyd County Police and surrounding agencies secured the perimeter and searched with multiple resources including a K9 unit and aerial assistance but were unable to find the suspect. "We pretty much had everything we had available up there," said Floyd County Police Chief.

After a further investigation that was centered on witness interviews and reviewing CCTV footage, there was no one fitting the description Cheryl gave to officers. Even after being shown the evidence, she "continued to willfully falsify the scheme", according to Floyd County Police Chief. it turned out Cheryl Stewart had filed a false report. She had not provided a motive for the falsity

May 23, 2018. 40-year-old Cheryl Lisa Stewart was arrested and charged with filing a false report of a crime and causing a false public alarm is being. She was booked at the Floyd County Jail

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