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Jane Doe of Mandurah

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image of Jane Doe of Mandurah
Added: Aug 16, 2016  

Mandurah, Western Australia. Woman fakes multiple injuries to get her boyfriend arrested, then uses her pussy-pass to get out of trouble. Even after she gets exposed, the police decide that she still deserves anonymity. Typical of Feminist Australia

July 01, 2016. At 11:30pm, an unnamed woman called the Mandurah police to report that her boyfriend came home drunk, punched her and slammed her head in a door. Officers photographed her injuries as evidence of the "crime". Her boyfriend was arrested on suspicion of beating the shit out of her.

However, her falure to keep appointments to complete witness statement resulted in suspicion from police that she may not have told the truth, and may even have inflicted the injuries herself.

July 12, 2016. Police arrested and charged Jane Doe with one count of creating a false belief, following her confession that the earlier photographed injuries were, in fact, self-inflicted. She also signed a confession, but was still not named for reasons unknown.

Pussypass Granted

August 16, 2016. After giving the court excuses like “I’d just been going through a lot,” Jane Doe was ordered by a female judge to pay a fine of $750 and also pay $169.10 in court costs. What a remarkably lenient sentence for trying to lock up an innocent man.

Even after she has been established as a convicted criminal, she has still not been named. Not far-fetched, considering that we needed inside court documents to expose a more deadly specie of her type here. It goes to show you how hardcore feminists got the Aussies by the balls. Watch this space

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