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Emalahleni, Mpumalanga province, South Africa. Another case of a woman fornicating, regretting and reporting, and another case of leniency in a case where none is deserved. It's mendacious wenches like this that commonly make allegations, and like this one they normally get away with a slap on the wrist.

November 25, 2019. Thembekile Verlina Sigwili went to the South African police claiming that a male acquaintance had abducted her, dragged her back to his house and raped her. The fictim was hospitalised and given pills to protect against pregnancy and HIV and tested for DNA of her alleged rapist.

However, the cops soon uncovered evidence that threw Sigwili's story into question, showing that she visited the man's house voluntarily and left without any difficulty. Under follow-up questioning, Thembekile Sigwili quickly admitted that her story was not true. In fact, she had unprotected sex with her victim and was worried about pregnancy, so concocted the entire story to get free pills.

July 02, 2020. Having been convicted of one count of perjury, 20-year-old Thembekile Verlina Sigwili was sentenced to pay a fine of 500 rand (approximately $30 USD).

Mpumalanga Police Commissioner reportedly expressed his sadness that people are bold enough to approach police and lodge false allegations. "I condemn what she did however, and welcome the sentence as it serves as a deterrent," he said, while reminding his people that rape was a serious crime that should not be made a mockery of. So, how seriously does the commissioner take the crime of rape when he thinks a $30 fine is sufficient deterrent from lodging false complaints about it? Watch this space

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