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Denise Marie Szany

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Hammond, Lake County, Indiana. Federal victimhood derived from an alleged one-minute incident. A cuntbearer who received over 65K of your tax dollars to protect you cannot defend herself from what was described as a "tap on the butt," nor can she get over it. She blatantly sues her colleague and the whole city hoping to have much more of your taxes granted to her in the name of female victimhood, but she loses.

October 19, 2016. Night. Corporal Denise Marie Szany alleged she arrived at the police department to start her shift when her 2 years junior colleague grabbed her by her vest. She struggled and allegedly ordered the coworker to get his hands off her. “This continued for about 45 seconds to a minute, in which it even went outside of the briefing room,” Denise Szany wrote in her report. She further alleged that as she reached for her bodycam at the charging dock, the colleague slapped her on the buttocks with an open hand and then ran out of the room.

Following her elaborate report, the Police Department issued a no-contact order between Denise Szany and the accused male officer, ensured they would not work overlapping shifts, and appointed an officer to an internal investigation which eventually led to disciplinary action against the accused officer. He was also suspended without pay and ultimately kept separated from Denise Szany.

However, Denise Szany was unsatisfied with the punishment against her junior colleague. It is unclear if she would rather have him hanged, face a firing squad, or locked up for life. But it is clear she had other ideas to upgrade her acclaimed victimhood to the federal level, for whatever it was worth. Armed with female privilege, she took the issue up with the EEOC and received a "right to sue" letter.

February 15, 2017. Fictim Denise Szany filed a lawsuit in the U.S. Federal Court against both her colleague and the City of Hammond, alleging that the city through its Police Department fosters a "hostile work environment that tolerates sexual misconduct toward women and has failed to prevent sexual harassment". She even brought up hear-say allegations of other colleagues that had nothing to do with her or the accused male officer. She further accused the city of retaliation against her. But there was no evidence of her having been held back, denied deserved promotion, demoted, disciplined, or assigned to worse jobs, as far as her career is concerned. She, however, rather pointed to an unrelated incident to justify her claims.

September 30, 2019. U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana. After numerous back and forth filings in the court between Denise Szany and the city of Hammond, and numerous opportunities for the fictim to amend her allegations, a judge found that she still could not substantiate her claims. "I previously dismissed this claim of retaliation and sexual harassment, but I gave Szany another opportunity to amend her complaint to state sufficient factual allegations which could plausibly form a basis for relief," the judge said "but the revised factual allegations still fall short of the pleading requirements," he added. "Accordingly, I will grant the City’s motion and Szany’s claim for retaliation will be dismissed, with prejudice." Meaning the same motion cannot be brought back to court. Court document here.

However, Denise Szany continued to push for all claims.

May 28, 2020. Once and for all, the judge had the mammoth task of nicely declining Denise Szany's pussy-pass in a 50-page document here which can be summarily translated in non-PC language as "Go F Yourself," in popular opinion. "The problem is, the evidence presented, taken in a light most favorable to Szany, just does not add up to a meritorious federal claim..," said the judge. Of course, you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, especially not a fictim out to gulp up hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars in supposedly 'ass-tapping-survivor' compensation. "The Clerk shall ENTER FINAL JUDGMENT in favor of the City of Hammond"... the judge continued "and the claims against (the accused male colleague) are DISMISSED".

Time to pay up.

June 11, 2020. After she lost in Federal Court, the city of Hammond sent 44-year-old Denise Marie Szany a bill of over $8,000 to reimburse its legal fees. That amount should be a piece of cake for Denise Szany who was paid $66,642.23 of your tax money in the same year she filed the lawsuit, according to public records. It is yet unclear what will happen next but the fictim has the option of stepping her fictimhood down to the state level to sue again, not everyone but the actual person she alleged did something to her.

Why is the fictim so hatefully vengeful against men? A small scanning of her background reveals Denise Szany obtained her indoctrination (AKA "education") from Purdue University, the anti-male institute which released a writing guide suggesting that words that contain "man," e.g 'mankind', 'mailman', 'human' should be discarded in order to get rid of sexism. Products of such feminist institutions can only function properly in a dyke utopia if you catch my drift. Sounds like a joke but it isn't. Libtardism has taken over common sense in this society. It's up to you, the silent majority, to change it. Keep that thought

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