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Satellite Beach, Brevard County, Florida. There is the black widow spider, the female praying mantis, and there is Christie Page. They all have something in common - killing their male mates, but the only difference is the timing, method and motive. While the former two eat their mates' bodies for food, Christie eats the spirit and soul of her mate for animosity, fame and other gains. Her method? by way of falsely reporting rape backed by a MeToo gang. Fortunately, against all odds in prevailing cuntworthism, the prospect of her accused mate's guilt was rightly dismissed in Military court.


The accused male in question was a Technical Sergeant assigned to the 45th Civil Engineer Squad in Patrick Air Force Base. With a model-like reputation and track record of venerating women, cuntbearers were conceivably abundant. Having lost his wife to connective tissue disease in 2015, the single dad of two young daughters was rendered vulnerable to female opportunists and predators alike. His good looks, wide smile and big heart attracted women from within and outside his base, including Christie Page, a mother of two, who started a relationship of sorts with the much younger airman. She visited his house numerous times and had consensual sex with him over and over again just like the women before her. But the airman was not so keen in the relationship with Christie so she came up with a bizarre exit plan. After using him for her own sexual and emotional gratification, she decided to move on, but not before vindictively conniving with two other women he previously dated, to "take him down" MeToo style.

Main Events

September 16, 2017. All plotted and set, Christie Page went to the airman's house once again. She focked him one last time and then stirred up drama by alleging that during the coitus, she had ordered him to stop but he didn't. How convenient to play an advanced version of a cockteaser, but that's for another topic. Using her cellphone, Christie Page recorded the aftermath conversation in which she persistently provoked the male to admit that he raped her. Convinced that his recorded responses were incriminating enough, she took her phone with other samples and left his house. With the evidence of sex, she called 911 and reported a "rape" in tones that the dispatcher can be forgiven for having thought Christie Page was an underage victim of a stranger rather than a mature woman in a relationship who made a conscious decision to go have sex with him in his house. I bet you see where this story is going, it's Deja Vu.

The cops showed up to find Christie Page playing shocked and traumatized yada yada, she knows the script. They took her statement and the so-called "evidence." Christie Page co-operated with the cops, went through medical examination along with all the tax-funded phases of becoming a legit "survivor." Then she went to meet with the other two women to deliver the good news and celebrate their first steps in destroying the innocent man. At that time, Christie Page apparently thought what she gave law enforcement was all it would take to obliterate an airman who dedicated 20 years of his life in the service of his country. But no, she learned a few lessons in the process. Firstly, Florida is a two-party consent state, which means you don't go recording people without their approval. That said, Christie's so-called video evidence would actually incriminate her. Secondly, she would have to deal with Air Force superiors of the man she accused, the same superiors who more than likely already knew her relationship with the man she was trying to destroy.

February 22, 2018. After several meetings in Airforce Base by which she stopped at nothing to demonstrate how dangerous the man she falsely accused is, Christie Page expressed her disappointments including that someone in the ranks reminded her that the man she accused was also in fear, as his name was published online. In response to that idea, Christie wrote on her blog: "As if I should care that a potential murder suspect and serial rapist was feeling “unsafe”." In other words, everyone should care about Christie alone but no one should care what harm her false report can do to others, including the 2 young daughters of the innocent man.

Christie Page also accused the U.S. Air Force of not despising her accused airman as much as she does. "I’m righteous. Are you?" wrote Christie Page on her blog against the Air Force. She does not appreciate that everyone was supportive to her and her false allegations. She does not appreciate that they even went as far as taking unwarranted disciplinary action against the accused sergeant in addition to squashing his retirement plans and forcing him to remain on active duty pending the outcome of the case. All Christie Page does is accuse, complain and complain some more.

May 16, 2018. With the MeToo Movement in full swing, the fake rape case became United States vs. (The Accused Sergeant) and made its way to Military court with the accusers being the pack of 3 MeTooers led by Christie Page. The court documents we obtained refer to the accusers only as CP, CN and DF but for the sake of this entry, we identify only CP (Christie Page) as she's the most vocal leader of the MeToo pack and her serious allegations are the most consequentially damaging of all three. In order for the court to conduct a fair trial, all of the evidence was required, not just the cherry-picked ones provided by the accusers. So the court subpoenaed the accusers for their social media accounts and digital devices. The responsibility of ensuring compliance with the subpoenas fell on Major General Stephen N. Whiting of Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, as the GCMCA representing the government in the case.

The accusers partially complied by offering filtered/limited/one-sided evidence unsuitable for a fair trial. The court persistently asked for the subpoenas to be enforced but one excuse came in after another. More attempts by the court to get the accusers to comply was blocked by Gen. Whiting in what appeared to be him taking sides with the accusers for fear of a MeToo backlash. As the court could not obtain sufficient information for the trial without the consent of the accusers, the case was stalled. Meanwhile, one of the accuser's testimony back in December 2018, along with preliminary investigation revealed quite a lot but not in favor of the accusers:

1. In 2017, She used up to 80 different social media profiles to contact every woman suspected to be the accused airman's ex, interested lover, or family member. Even women who simply liked his photos on social media were also targets. If they responded, she would detail sexual acts, send them nude photos and text screenshots saying the airman was cheating on them and that he had just been diagnosed with an STD, and/or similar slanders. The defense attorney's investigators uncovered at least 38 people who were targetted with such communication against the accused airman.

2. After the accused airman ended the relationship and had blocked her on social media, the accuser responded with a text: “I’m on my way there, you can ignore me all you want, you will have to face me to do it … you cant quit me.”

3. Long before the rape allegations, the 3 women connived on Instagram and discussed that the airman has cheated on all three of them and needed to be "taken down" both "civilly and criminally." They even suggested that he lose his children too.

4. All three accusers destroyed, hid and/or withheld evidence relevant to properly investigating their allegations.

Preliminary investigations uncovered much more dirt on the accusers, including them having openly discussed a desire to bring down the accused man and celebrate his conviction, having taken steps that could result in financial and/or professional gains. One of the 3 MeTooers even realized their lies were closing in on them, and she decided not to push on with her allegation. However, with all these problems facing the case, the trail was expected to proceed by the say-so of Maj. Gen. Stephen Whiting who for some reason chose to place his loyalty in esoteric cuntworthism and obvious fictimhood of the MeToo trio, rather than fairness and justice. Ladies and Gentlemen these are the types of people calling the shots in our justice system (both civilian and military)

Important Questions

1. Why did the accusers refuse to fully comply with the subpoenas?

Common wisdom suggests their interactions with the accused airman would reveal a pattern of them having been romantically obsessed with him, here-by diminishing their credibility as "sexual assault victims." Besides, their interactions with each other would reveal their plot to destroy the airman. Additionally, their interactions with other men would have been discovered/scrutinized in the process if they were relevant to the case. No woman wants to be exposed like that.

2. Considering that the possibility of the allegations being merely vengeful and personal was so obvious from the start, why did the prosecutors continue to invigorate the case anyway?

According to the accused airman's defense attorney to the Washington Times, the prosecution “blindly entertained the accusations of these three colluding and fundamentally dishonest accusers from Day One without any meaningful or critical analysis of their claims or past deception,” ... “People are falsely accused of sexual assault in the military, especially now in the environment that incentivizes accusation. Decent people do not want to believe that vindictive and self-motivated people like this exist in our society or the military, but they do,” he added. Fortunately, the judge was not willing to be as blind as the prosecutors.

August 22, 2019. Due to the 16-month "outstanding discovery" or the prolonged failure of Maj. Gen. Stephen N. Whiting to enforce subpoenas on Christie Page and her accomplices to present complete evidence in court, the Military Judge moved on to dismiss the case in arguably the most refreshing 13-page court decision here in a society where cuntworthism and political correctness have overridden common sense and fairness.

"The accused is not at fault..," stated the judge about the delay.

"Unlike the government, the court, in this case, will not shrink from its obligations to enforce the law and protect the rights of all persons who come before it. The actions and positions taken by the government in this case have convinced this court that anything other than a dismissal with prejudice will continue to prejudice the accused’s rights and reward the government for its conscious decision to withhold its authority and meet its obligations under the law."

"WHEREFORE, the Defense Motion to Dismiss all charges and specifications with prejudice is GRANTED." See the full court document here.

Dismissing the case 'with prejudice' means that the same case cannot be brought back in court. You would have thought that's the end of it, but no, not for Christie Page. The author of a 2016 elephantjournal poem "Let’s Go—Let go" apparently does not know how to let go, neither would she respect the court's decision. She continued to slander the airman online.

August 24, 2019. Christie Page took to her blog ("confessions of a mad mind") to confess: "I was always prepared for the possibility that I could lose. I never prepared for it to end like this." Of course, any sensible liar should expect to not only lose in court but be charged with Perjury, False Reporting, Tampering with Evidence, etc. Especially in this case there is enough evidence against her. But no, Christie Page is apparently above the law that's why the Brevard County prosecutor won't dare to conceive the idea of charging her with a crime.

Armed with this cuntworthism-induced brand of impunity, Christie Page has continued to attack the airman's character online, calling him a "serial rapist" and "sexual predator". She even released the video she secretly recorded after sex as an attempt to frame him with rape. Bear in mind, Christie Page had already been notified that Florida is a two-party consent state so her releasing the secretly recorded conversation with the man without his consent is a crime. Also bear in mind the man in question was not a one night stand with Christie. She had a sexual relationship with him and banged him on multiple occasions. But now, suddenly, she wants you to believe she's some type of "victim." She even calls herself a "survivor" which is the word mainstream diminished to merely describe a woman who didn't die in the process of dating a man. Just like the black widow spider and female mantis that strangle their male mates while appearing to be the ones in trouble, Christie Page has continued to call herself the victim while defaming the airman online and even going as far as suggesting he killed his wife.

The reputation of the falsely accused Air Force serviceman may, unfortunately, never be fully redeemed due to mainstream media's anti-male bias reporting on the case. It is up to society to right that wrong. Since mainstream schemers popularized the feminist-coined terms "slut-shaming" and "victim-blaming" to protect liars like Christie from being rebuked, may we assume the great honor to complete the rack with "fictim-naming," essential for the sanity of this society.

There are spoiled women and there are rotten women. You can make up your own mind where this one pushing 50 who describes herself as a "self proclaimed whiskey chick" fits. But to us, Christie Page fits right here on this page of false victims. Watch this space.

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