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Sabrina Belcher

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Added: Aug 21, 2020  

Sumter, Sumter County, South Carolina. Leftist wannabe mayor fakes her own kidnapping for sympathy and votes, but gets exposed. Her livestream of the attack and failure to explain how she escaped were almost certainly factors in the inevitable conclusion of the police.

August 18, 2020. Democratic Party member Sabrina Belcher, who was at the time running to be mayor of Sumter, called the local police to claim she had escaped from a black suspect who had beaten, kidnapped and tried to rob her. Her statement appeared to be supported by her injuries, the broken windows of her car and a Facebook Live stream that appeared to show Belcher being victimized by her attacker. Her injuries were treated by emergency services and police began investigating.

August 21, 2020. Police announced that both 29-year-old Sabrina Belcher and her attacker had been arrested on suspicion of fabricating the entire incident, having planned it several days before. Ms. Belcher admitted her hoax, and his since been charged with both false reporting and conspiracy. We are keeping an eye on this development.

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