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Melissa Bolahood

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Added: Nov 26, 2020  

Peterborough, Ontario Canada. Empowered woman cannot seem to exercise enough of her female privilege when she walks in a peaceful restaurant, starts a drama and calls the cops and makes a false robbery report.

November 24, 2020. While the public was concerned about public health and the spread of CoVID-19, Melissa Bolahood, a habitual swatter with a track record of fake 911 calls and a restraining order as a prize, decided that making yet another false 911 call to gather the cops into the restaurant was the best way to make her day.

Police arrived at the restaurant on Chemong Road but there was no on-going robbery as reported, and no robbers to arrest. Consequently, 39-year-old Melissa Bolahood was arrested and charged with two counts of non-compliance with a probation order which prohibited her from dialing 911, and one count of public mischief.

November 25, 2020. She was arraigned in court for her slap on the wrist as usual. The judge wouldn't consider how serious the consequences of the false report would have been for innocent people in the restaurant. Pussy pass prevails once again, Ladies and Gentlemen

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