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Added: Jul 16, 2021  

Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. Cajun Navy volunteer Becky Johnson was in full SJW mode when she falsely claimed she was attacked by two white males for serving an Afro-American senior. The fake report got her attention that fell apart during investigation. This aspect of libtardism-induced victimhood behavioral disorder is known as Abstractive Reverse-KARENism, a specialty our experts are currently studying.

June 21, 2021. Afternoon. A white female volunteer for Cajun Navy Ground Force, a 501c3 non-profit known for disaster relief, reported that in a supermarket parking lot near McNeese State University she was pulled out of her car by two white men and severely beaten causing cuts, fingernail scrapes and bruises. Rebecca Johnson (AKA Becky J) also claimed the attackers destroyed the inside of her car and stole the Cajun Navy signs on the doors of her truck and verbally abused her with racial slurs before they left lying on the ground in torn and tattered clothes. Following the claim, an investigation was launched while the community was on the look out for two dangerous men in a "white extended cab pick-up truck".

June 25, 2021. A meeting was held between several volunteer organizations and community leaders in attendance of the Mayor and the Police Chief to discuss the issue of safety among other related topics. Attention around the reported incident grew like wildfire, with local news reporting it and people sharing the allegations on social media platforms. Becky herself talked to the media.

June 28, 2021. A statement released on the facebook page of the organization claims for the first time that the volunteer "was the subject of an attempted rape" and quotes Becky Johnson as having said:-

"As the victim of a targeted assault on a volunteer serving the Lake Charles area I feel an extreme responsibility to let the community know and be aware. To be aware that the attack was not just on me but on our community as a whole. That individuals who carry hate have infiltrated our community and are trying to stop us from serving our African American communities by using physical force, and repetitive words of hate and racism."

Spoken like a true Social Justice Warrior. Others like the American Press here also published the story.

After all the hype, Police said the outcome of the investigation revealed “multiple inconsistencies”. Among other discrepancies, the surveillance videos and witness interviews did not match up with the allegations. There was no single shred of evidence to support the allegation that there was an attack. However, police hinted that the injuries on Becky were real, which may indicate they were self-inflicted.

July 16, 2021. 45-year-old Rebecca Johnson was arrested and charged with one count of filing and maintaining a false public record. She was booked into Calcasieu Correctional Center and almost immediately released on $25,000 bond.

The motive of the false allegation was neither extracted from the fictim nor disclosed by LEO but we can speculate from experience that the main target consumer for this ruse was the Cajun Navy directors/management. Becky described more allegations in her hoax to the organization than to Law Enforcement. It is likely that Becky failed at her volunteer responsibilities and needed an excuse. What better to be than a victim? The director, more than anyone, swallowed Becky's hoax whole and even complained about how Lake Charles has been unwelcoming towards his disaster relief organization. He brought up another unpleasant incident with the Mayor and hinted upon his intention moving away from the area.

If you have any more time to waste on this, enjoy the foolishness of Blind Believers below

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