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Alma Delia Duran

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Added: Jul 15, 2021  

Ocala, Marion County, Florida. Undocumented female Immigrant conceives the perfect victimhood idea for a U Visa, to abandon herself nude and falsely blame a Good Samaritan man for fictitious kidnap and rape. The U Visa ruse often works for other females as you can see here but failed for Alma Duran due to poor execution. She was charged with making a false crime report.

March 02, 2021. Baseline Golf Course. Marion County Sheriff’s Office received a call from Alma Delia Duran's colleagues who reported finding her lawnmower abandoned where Alma was supposedly abducted. While officers worked on the case, they received another call reporting that Alma Duran was found naked along County Road 314. Within the hour, Detectives visited her at the health center where she received treatment for minor injuries. She alleged through a Spanish-English interpreter that she had been kidnapped by a masked man, beaten and dragged into a vehicle where she was forced to drink a liquid substance that tasted like beer and water, and then raped unconscious before being flung out the car, naked.

While investigation proceeded, police informed the media and the allegation was published on multiple outlets including this one here. Social media posts were made and shared on the alleged incident. A few days into the investigation, the first red flag pops up with Alma's relative requesting how to get a copy of the incident report. But detectives did not seem to think of this as a red, they proceeded with wasting your taxes to find a boogieman in coordinated investigation efforts that involved Marion County Sheriff’s Office’s Major Crimes Bureau, K-9 unit, Field Force and Aviation Unit.

However, one, two, three, four months later, detectives still did not manage to find the described "masked man" so they decided to check Alma Duran's phone records. Behold the man whom she communicated with before the incident and 100 times in the previous month, was identified as a potential person of interest.

In a follow-up interview with Alma Duran, detectives had to confront her with evidence before she finally confessed that she was not kidnapped but rather picked up from work that morning of March 02. However, she still insisted that she was sexually assaulted. Consequently, detectives found and interrogated the Person of Interest but he told a different story, what detectives believe is the truth.

The man had years long romantic affair with Alma Duran. At some point Alma asked him about how to get her residence documents. He hinted her that he knew someone else who obtained citizenship through violent crime victimhood. The U.S. Government offers a special type of indefinitely renewable visa (U Visa) to victims of violent crimes like abduction, domestic violence, false imprisonment, etc. This idea seemed to be interesting to Alma. She conceived various methods to qualify for that U Visa but needed his help to pull it off. The man said he did not want to get involved but Alma pressured him emotionally until he agreed to assist with her plan. She asked him to pick her up from Baseline Road and drive not too far away then throw her out the car. She said she would handle it from there. The man said he honored her request to do that much and never spoke to her again.

July 15, 2021. 54 year-old Alma Delia Duran, from Mexico, was arrested and booked into the Marion County Jail on one misdemeanor count of making a false report. She was freed just 9 hours later on a $1,000 bond. No information was released as to how the case would proceed.


What are the odds that women in Alma's shoes actually go around hoping for a man to victimize them so they could use a real incident to get the U Visa? but in absence of such real danger in our so-called toxic-masculinity patriarchy-stricken society, they often resort to fabricating an incident? Hold that thought

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