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Christine Alexandra Fesus

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Updated: Jul 28, 2021  

Houston, Harris County, Texas. Karenism attains new heights as armed Karen fatally shoots a homeless African-American woman, then calls 911 and makes a false victimhood claim that the deceased "threatened her and approached her aggressively.” Christine Fesus knew that the dead can't talk, but she did not know that witnesses and cameras can. She has been charged with murder.

July 25, 2021. Around 11:30pm. After a brief argument with a homeless woman outside a Food Town Grocery Store near Ella Blvd, Christine Alexandra Fesus shot and killed her. Around 30 minutes later, Christine calls the authorities and reports that as she was walking her dog when the homeless woman threatened and approached her aggressively, so she shot the aggressor in self-defense. Christine also claimed that the homeless woman seemed like she was going to pull out a gun before she fired at her.

After an investigation that included reviewing of security footage, witness statements and other shreds of evidence, Detectives determined that Christine Fesus not only approached and shot the homeless woman unprovoked, but also went home, discarded the firearm and cleaned herself up before calling 911 to make the allegations against the victim. However, Christine's call came 10 minutes after the deceased victim's boyfriend already called police to the crime scene.

Confronted with questions corresponding with the findings, Christine changed her story this time claiming that the homeless African-American woman used racial slurs against her. From a statement issued by the Harris County Sheriff, it is confirmed that Christine Fesus shot the 36 year-old victim at the back, ran away from the scene and later called 911 from her apartment. CCTV footage also revealed that Christine had a phone on her when she shot at the woman, but she did not call the authorities at that time.

July 26, 2021. 34 year-old Christine Alexandra Fesus was arrested and charged with first degree murder. Her bond was set at only $75,000 surety.

July 27, 2021. The fictim was released from the Harris County Jail after posting bond. According to a report by Houston Chronicles, the defense attorney of Christine Fesus said the defendant stayed the night in a hotel in order to promptly appear in Court for her preliminary hearing the next morning.

July 28, 2021. 230th District Court. As the prosecutor narrated a detailed account of the incident to a judge, Christine Fesus is reported to have shook and clenched her fists. It is unclear what the body language meant but the defense attorney made a case for why Christine should not be under house arrest, considering her children and her job as a bartender.

This a preview of how leniency will apply in the case against already privileged Karen. Meanwhile, the rest of us who did not shoot anyone still lost our jobs are remain under house arrest due to Covid-19.

Food for thought

Being that Christine lives in the same neighborhood as the homeless victim, could it be that they encountered each other before? maybe more than once? is it likely that Christine's hate against the African American woman accumulated over time? Could be be that at some point, Christine just couldn't stand the sight of that black woman anymore? Being that she's charged with first degree murder, it means that detectives have a reason to believe the shooting was premeditated. But the false allegation that followed was apparently not well thought-out in advance.

We saw this in the Amber Guyger case and as the false allegations didn't fly, she settled for a different type of lie that she mistook the victim's door for hers. Rather than see Christine as the embodiment of evil, let's acknowledge that this society is going down a disturbing trajectory fueled by a combination of racism and feminism. As women in society become increasingly masculinized and armed, the Karen problem will evolve from mere street quarrels and covert/overt 911 calls on colored people, to outright hunting. For the women of color who thought they shared a common struggle with the karens by virtue of cuntworthism, there is only so much time to wake up. Hold that thought.

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